Why You Should Get IV Vitamin C Therapy


Why You Should Get IV Vitamin C Therapy



IV vitamin C therapy is the administration of a high dose of vitamin C administered intravenously. It is an antioxidant that aids in preventing oxidative stress, which essentially strengthens the immune system. Since humans cannot produce vitamin C, it is a nutrient that they must receive from food or supplements.  


High dose vitamin C can be taken orally or it delivered through IV infusion. In this process, vitamin C enters the bloodstream directly through the veins. IV vitamin C treatments allow for the nutrient to reach higher levels within the body, as absorption occurs much more quickly.  


Benefits of IV Vitamin C Therapy


Helping to neutralize and eliminate many toxins, vitamin C is a very powerful antiviral agent. Here are some of the many benefits that IV vitamin C therapy offers: 


Decreases pain after injury

Helps the body heal more quickly 

Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue 

Works to prevent infections like cold and flu 

With its many benefits, IV vitamin C therapy is effective in many situations – from fatigue to sickness to injury. 

With ivee, getting IV vitamin C therapy is simple. Just download the app and choose your treatment (The Refresh, The Illness Remedy, The Immunity Lift, The Productivity Boost, and The Detox all feature vitamin C!). Enter your location, and a nurse will be on their way. In no time, you’ll be feeling your best! 


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Sumit Gulia

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