What Wedding Dress Should You Wear for Each Season?


What Wedding Dress Should You Wear for Each Season?


One of the most challenging things about wedding planning can be figuring out the date and season that you want to get married. For some people, it’s an easy decision but for others, it’s more difficult if they don’t already have a specific date, theme, or vision in mind. Whether we like it or not, the season will have an effect on some of the other wedding decisions like the venue location, color scheme, flowers, and wedding dress. You wouldn’t necessarily wear the same wedding dress in the summer as you would in the winter, for example. So here’s a quick guide on what wedding dresses you should wear for each season:



Starting with perhaps the most popular time to get married – the summer. The summer is a great time to get married because you can have a lot of fun with your planning and incorporate entertaining outdoor activities and colorful elements to your big day. Obviously the summer often means heat – so you will definitely need to plan for this accordingly when picking your wedding dress. The most important thing that you need to look for here are breathable fabrics that aren’t too heavy and won’t overheat you. Another important dress element is sleeves – strapless is the most popular dress style in the summer but you can also go with smaller straps or even cap sleeves that will provide some coverage without being too hot. 



The fall has recently become a more popular time to get married because of the beautiful leaves and warm tones that you can incorporate into your wedding day. A beautiful fall wedding gives off a certain type of elegance that you can definitely add to with the right wedding dress. For a fall wedding, it might be a good idea to stray from the bright white wedding dress colors towards warmer options like cream, ivory, and champagne. The fall is also a great season to add a pop of color to your wedding dress with a contrasting color to really make a statement and tie the whole day together. 



Back in the day, no one would choose to get married in the winter but this season has provided the unique opportunity to create a beautiful winter wonderland for couples who love winter things like snowflakes, ice sculptures, and hot cocoa. When shopping for a wedding dress for the winter, you will want to find fabrics that will help keep you warm like taffeta. You also might want to incorporate sleeves into your dress to help keep your arms warm in the chilly weather. One element that is particularly lovely in a winter dress is sparkles to add to the entire ambiance of the event. 



Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married for obvious reasons – beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and the world just coming back to life after the long winter. A spring wedding is a great time to wear a fitted lace dress or incorporate other floral details to play off of the amazing flowers all around you. At the same time, spring is also a great time to go with a more flowing dress with lots of tulle to really create a whimsical vibe for your big day. 


In conclusion, the season of your wedding will determine a lot of the event’s details – especially the wedding dress itself. The season and the dress that you choose definitely has a lot to do with your personality and your overall vision of your wedding day. You need to keep the season in mind when choosing your dress so that you can be comfortable and look your best. 

Sumit Gulia

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