Top 10 World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

Top 10 World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

There is nil that the rational mind cannot know, or so believes mankind. tough the finest of scientific development and the rational minds, place there few mystery of the earth that stay unanswered. Thousands of generation have lost slumber, trying to make sense of them, but they stand obstinate and promise to damage another few generations’ sleep. While the strive for solve the jigsaw continue, let us take a moment and doubt at the Top 10 World’s record Unsolved Mysteries.

10. Bermuda Triangle

BAM! The first thing that crops up in our head when the phrase “unsettled mystery” is mentioned is the (in) famous Bermuda Triangle. Also christened as ‘The Death Triangle’, ‘The Hoodoo Sea’, ‘The burial ground of The Atlantic’ and ‘Devil’s Triangle’, is disreputably recognized for swallow up many ships and plane. Located on a water stretch sandwiched between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rice, the death triangle is said to be a result of a variety of occurrence like methane gas bubbles, fluctuations in the electromagnetic behavior, underwater rock formations, bad weather, extra terrestrial invader and even person mistake.  even though there’s no proper answer to this puzzle now, hopeful that the coming invention would help us get one.

9. Shroud or Printed Cloth?

8. Where did Amelia Earhart disappear?

7. Mystic Monsters.

6. HOW were the Pyramids built?!

5. E.T- a myth or reality?

4. Intuition

3. Is the world doomed?

2. Who came first?

1. We can’t find it… Mom finds it easily. HOW?!

Son: Mom where’s my blue t-shirt? Mom: It’s in the second shelf of the locker. Son: But mom I can’t find it! Mom walks into the room, reach out to the second ledge and emerge with the blue t-shirt. This ambiguity undoubtedly takes the entire cake. People claim that when they are looking for something very enthusiastically they fail to find it but when they ask their mothers to find it, the object magically appear and then the mother finds it. I’m sure no sum of technical way of thinking and study will help us get to this one. applause to our moms!

Sumit Gulia

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