Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

In today’s world where we spend half our valuable lives at work, it has become highly important as well as a dire need to support our power levels as well as our “happy quotient” until we get back home. How often do you inspect or hear people bad temper about how they have no time for their families, or that their spouse are always in a terrible mood when they get reverse.  Phrases like this are only growing by the minute with the increase in work force as well as the lack of maintaining a work-life balance. custody this in mind it “somehow” becomes the work or quite duty of the manager to keep his employees happy, as their moods not only would be moving their family lives but also the final output of the company. So here come 10 basic rules on how to keep your employees happy as well as also preserve an incredible employee-employer rapport. This would not only uplift the mental spirits of everyone involved but also make a positive modify with respect to the millions of lives who are busy directly or eventually.

10) The attitude of gratitude:

9) Surprise “urgent” meetings:

8) Listen! Appreciate! Don’t steal ideas!

7) Compassion is simply, passion with a heart:

6) Recognize and appreciate excellence:

5) Happy sign boards and happy thoughts!

4) Always keep scope for improvement:

3) Your loss or gain is my loss or gain:

2) Sincere” I care attitude”:

1) Play by the rules:

“We all are one, only egos, attitude, and fears divide us”

The rules made should apply for each person, including you. No exceptions. If you call for a gathering at 10am you ought to be there at 9.45am and not at 11am because you be the boss. Basic respect must be given to your workers and the rules apply to everyone present.

Make it clear that even though you are the boss you are not higher than anybody; you are simply the head of the family but still as essential and at the same time as equal as everyone else in the family.

Stay friendly at the same time and stay put stern when the circumstances calls for it


Sumit Gulia

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