Top 10 Wackiest Guinness Book World Records

Top 10 Wackiest Guinness Book World Records

We have all caught about the Guinness world book of records and separately from the standard records such as the world highest, the worlds shortest individual there are categories for devotion, speed, size and of course strange. But one category they should make is weird and wacky! With so many annals being created and broken there are some records which are absolute ridiculous and makes you miracle who came up with such an rare activity. Here is a look at the top ten strangest Guinness annals of the world.

  1. Bubble home

  1. Art of Popping balloons

  1. A day at the salon

  1. Cowboys vs. cans

  1. Magneto

  1. Tape record

4.Hit and run

  1. New milk delivery system

  1. Piercing art

A huge fan of the punk/rock genre, I have often required to get 2 extra sets of ear piercings and an eyebrow piercing and for all of you who have been likewise prejudiced by the music and the collaborative that is related with it, particularly the tattoos and the piercings, how far would you go to fast yourselves? Elaine Davidson, a nurse from Brazil when inspected in March 2000 had 462 piercings all over her body and as of march 2012 she now has over 9000 piercings effortlessly earning the Guinness record for the most stabbed person on the earth

  1. The bee mantle

Call it daring or reckless; the things people do for a record! Taking his love of bees to a entire new level, Vipin Seth, an Indian national from New Delhi enclosed himself from head to toe with an astounding 613500 bees weighing 61.4 kg or 136 pounds for around two and a half hours, to break the preceding record of 26.9 kgs or 59 pounds held by Ruan Leaning in 2008. This best was set on March 9 2009 at the Indian agriculture investigation institute at New Delhi, India. Lately an attempt by a Chinese farmer She Ping to earn the same name was proved futile, as he achieved to don a layer of just 331000 bees which considered 33 kgs, but became the best container in China.

Sumit Gulia

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