Top 10 Most Unconventional Career Choices you can Make

Top 10 Most Unconventional Career Choices you can Make

Choose a job you love, and you will not ever have to work a day in your life”, said Confucius. The knowledge associated with these golden words is placed bare when we think of famous names which have tasted acknowledged success in the most eccentric careers owing to their great ability and the pure love for their job that they nurture. Most of us run after achievement day in and day out, but it still leftovers a distant dream; a mirage. We try our best to rival the people we worship and gear up to step on the paths taken by them before. But how many of us really dare to negotiate the ‘road less taken’? Have you ever stopped to calculate what welfares you the most and makes you happy rather than visualization what will fetch you more amounts of money notes? Maybe not! You must have read ‘n’ number of articles on fruitful persons. However, I am being hopeful and with immeasurable hope in my heart, I am writing this article to make you understand that achievement and contentment can walk in the same lane, hand in hand sendoff you with a life full of pure joy and sparkle. Dreams do come true, Miracles do occur, and God does exist. I current to you the

10 most eccentric career choices…

10.  Politician

9. Musician

8. Writer

7. Couture Designer

6. Auctioneer

5. Cricket Commentator

4. Wine Maker

3. Mountaineer

2. Food Explorer

1.Disc Jockey

Musicians make music, while Disc Jockeys run it.” Team work, promise, drive, energy and information of public taste are the formulations to adhere to in order to prosper in this testing and challenging, but astonishing profession. Who does not want to be a stunning DJ rocking the dance floor with the perfect incidence of music and setting the mood of the troop dancing to his tunes filled with over whelming amounts of energy, joy and fun? Exciting the atmosphere with supreme ecstasy is a Disc Jockey’s  job. This is the perfect essence of a career that can never ‘bore’ you.

Sumit Gulia

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