Top 10 Tips to Avoid Falling in Love with your Ex Again

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Falling in Love with your Ex Again

All love story are not really that soggy and a prince riding on a white horse types. now and then, you have to put up with with the in turn that he was not meant to be your Mr. Right. You just had a break up and you are ruined down in hopelessness tiresome to battle the unidentified void in you. Let the sun rise and you miss the morning alarm with his wakeup call. presence the program with him, you find it tough not in the direction of stare and worship him. There is emotion harping in your mind to stay away from him but the spirit says or else. To save yourself from the tedious task to ignore him, there are many ways you can find the old you as well as relive your life: A single communication won’t harm. Would it? Sorry to say but as elongated as he is all-pervading in all your routine, you never can move on. You might simply ignore this heed but cutting down all communication with him is the best solution. He might be gone astray you and messaging you loads. But never return the favor. You might find yourself in the puddle trying to detach yourself from the emotions. Priorities first! You need to sort out what is the most important reality of your life. He cannot take away all your attention from your actual responsibilities. You might have overlooked your friends for him long time since. You might have avoided spending time with your siblings since you were always glue to the receiver But now is the point in time to rectify them all.

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Falling in Love with your Ex Again are

10. Cut down communication with him

 9. Prioritize things

8. Friends with him? A big no!!

7. Tear that page off your life

6. Add friends, subtract desolation and endless thoughts

5. Jot down all his negative aspects in your life

4. Shut him down from your heart and social networking sites

3. Perks of being single

2. Remind yourself of the reasons it didn’t work

1.Stay busy and live life

Sumit Gulia

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