Top 10 Things to do When you’re very Irritated

Top 10 Things to do When you’re very Irritated

One of the most fruitful lessons I’ve educated from the penalties of my anger that I’m going to keep with me for the rest of my life is to not make any rash choices or say things you don’t mean in haste, because you can be protected your words and actions can’t be taken back, they can only be forgiven.

The state that establishes itself in the aftermath of anger isn’t one you’re pleased of; because it wasn’t you. Methodically, the concerned nervous responds to angry emotions and is escorted by a higher heart rate, increased major tension and the production of testosterone.

Non-scientifically, repeating yourself the way you’re feeling is a provisional state is important and goes a long way in helping you deal with the condition at hand. Here’s how to regulate your temper and keep a tab on that gassy anger issue of yours:

10) Relieve the tension by talking about the problem

9) Fix the problem by talking to the person in question 

8) Do your good deed for the day 

7) Remind yourself of happier times

6) Take a day off

5) Dance

4) Get on Omegle

3) Go to a pet shelter

2) Comfort food with your favorite movie

Forget the calories and go crazy one night.

Order pizza, a giant sundae and your favorite drink and just eat away at your griefs. Wake up the next morning feeling invigorated and slightly bloated (but for a good cause).

 1) Look to the future

Probably an all-inclusive but aptly decisive point, this one is important at any point to remind yourself how you’re feeling is unimportant compared to the joys, laughs, cries, struggles, fights, feuds, misperceptions and every other emotion on the range you can ever imagine.

Show yourself the potentials that lie in your future and deal with the present for what it is: the path that will take you there.

Sumit Gulia

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