Top 10 Things you must Remember when in a Job Interview

Top 10 Things you must Remember when in a Job Interview

If there’s one thing in this world that is transparent, without an iota of doubt, it is this: an interviewee’s nervousness. It does not matter if it is a job interview or an interview for residency, whether telephonic, personal or Skype, interviewee’s nervousness knows no groups. Let me summary the law and its operative: the more pivotal the position, the more intense inspection the candidate is exposed to, and scrutiny is inversely relative to prospective perks, where ‘interviewee’s anxiety’ remains continuous. While you can always thank us for adding such an crucial law to your treasure of data, read on to know how you can effectively battle the demons of worry and perturbation which sits on your brow and distresses you with its presence.

10) Observe

9) Ask questions

8) Wrap up professionally

7) Be eager

6) Interests

5) Be equipped

4) Dress for success

3) Resume

2) Do your homework

If you want to get noticed, and achieve results that nobody else does, you have do something no one else does. This is where the utility of preparation kicks in. the recruiter asks in 99% cases why you deem yourself befitting for this job or post.  To have an adept answer to this query.

1) Body language

The interviewer detects your body language and sureness very keenly, more very than you can ever think of. This is true more so in case of a board interview, whereby one of the persons is a body language expert, penetrating through your gestures, observing your actions and drawing deductions about your charm with his/her astute, razor-sharp know-how. Remember to wear confidence. Be aware about your body-language to avoid anything aggressive, but don’t go over-board such that all your care is seized by this trivial affair than your actual interview. Recall the golden rule as stated by Glen Wilson, “Where body language battles with the words that are being said, the body language will usually be the more ‘truthful’ in the sense of skimpy true feelings.” Hence, exercise caution, exercise etiquette

Sumit Gulia

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