Top 10 Things to do at College Fests

Top 10 Things to do at College Fests

The finest part about university, aside from the self-government and friends, is the fests that are agreed every year. These fests attract student like lectures never can! From food to rivalry to games, they have astounding for everyone. So what are some of the most attractive aspects of college festivals? Read on to be familiar with


10- Take a Break

College fests are great that all students look forward to, for they offer a much needed interval from studies, tutorial, texts as well as snarky professor. So the best thing to do during your academy fest is to set your books aside as well as have fun. everyone merit a break, particularly when we have on purpose our brains off as well as are THIS close to a burn out. If that is the case with you too after three months of college, in the middle of the semester, university fests are just the thing for you. These fests are filled with fun actions, great food, band performance, games as well as so much more. So close your readings, get off your nerd spectacles as well as have pure, unadulterated fun for a week or two!

9- Eat

8- Scavenger Hunts

7- Treasure Hunts

6- Dance Competitions

5- Singing Competitions

4- XYZ Seconds to Fame

3- Meet Friends from Other Colleges

2- Night Events

1- Celebrity Visits

College fests draw not just students but even celebs! famous being visits to colleges are unquestionably one of the biggest crowd pullers.  college with rich alumni, huge grants as well as a big financial plan usually manage to have well-known celebrities visit their university grounds. From actors to musical group to radio nature, famous person visits often have the crowds into a frenzy. When darling Singh visited Ramjas College, there was almost a stampede in the crowd. Some famous celebrities that have perform in colleges are KK, Kumar Sanu, Sunidhi Chauhan, Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Varun Dhawan as well as many more besides. Moreover, minor celebrity, TV stars as well as reality show star also make appearance at a lot of college festivals.

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