Top 10 Things that can cause World War 3

Top 10 Things that can cause World War 3

The much spoken world war three is lastly set to show its face to the mob thus rendering thousands of life cruelly handed over to evil outcomes. There can be no understated reasons for the approaching apocalypse but the forecasts will surely make every third or fourth being on the earth step in to last truth of their exists. The world has already knowledgeable two world wars and the demo is nowhere hidden with the cost of uncountable lives of acquitted humans and the brave soldiers challenging the enemies to enter their border which might have brought growth to some places but tragedy to others too.  The unprecedented obliteration possess no a bit of a chance to be forgotten. To some who await for the world ending disaster the same would seem a box of payments and for the ones who are to avoid it , the worst nightmare.

10. Quit the dollar

9. Provocation by North Korea

8. China -Japan dispute

7.America’s urge to dominate

6. Military dominance

5 . India -China dispute

4.  America and UNO

3. India-Pakistan Conflict

2 .Israel-Iran proxy conflict

1.  Syria Conflict

America’s plan to stroke a armed attack on Syria can lead to calamitous circumstances if Syria thought to fight back the expert. Well, if America is involved then Russia and China are not the cup of tea of pacifism .Thus, a chain of events one foremost to another may grow so huge to escalate the stopped evil. Although neither the Americans nor the Syrians are in errand of the war also the USA haven’t conventional any such consent from UN to declare an open war in contradiction of Syria. With the most progressive anti ship arms aiding Syria it could take America with full force  and with the provision of China it would be impracticable for America  to so easily let go the considerable terms with the republic. If the circumstances lead to war then the noncombatants are the one that will be the badly pretentious one.

Sumit Gulia

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