Top 10 Things Banned in Islam religious Conviction for Women

Top 10 Things Banned in Islam religious Conviction for Women

The personal law of Quran and the hadiths still drive the each day lives of the women of Islam. The Quran dedicates numerous verses to Muslim women, their role, duties and rights and women are mechanism by the holy verses of the book. Although different countries follow their own version of the rules dictated by the religion, here are certain rules that tell a woman’s place in pure Islam. As it is widely identified, a Muslim woman is prohibited from any kind of physical contact with Non-Mahram men. Even while talking to such men, a woman is probable lower her gaze, stand next to a respectable distance and speak in a low tone. It go without saying that it is considered haram for a Muslim to have a sexual relationship with a man who is not her husband by the law. Also lusting after such man is also considered haram. It is considered haram to proposition marriage to a nuptial woman or to a lady during the Eddah period (of four months after divorce or after becoming a widow). False marriage (e.g. forcing what’s more of the two parties to marry, or the marriage of a Muslim and a Kafir (excluding People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christian.)) is furthermore a form haram. Also, not having sex with one’s wife for more than four months is considered haram. It is considered haram for women to wear clothing that fails to cover the body properly and clothes that are transparent. Additionally, Islam prohibits excess beautifying with the aim of involves the altering of one’s physical appearance. Allah orders the women to cover their ornaments and not en route for wear clothes that show their cleavage. The curves of a woman are the private parts of the body; they become the victim of the dirty stares of men, produce malicious ideas and ruin the reputation of that woman in the eye of men.

Top 10 Things Banned in Islam religious Conviction for Women are:

10. Fancy Clothes

9. Accessories

8. Physical contact

7. The Marriage conditions

6. Go out with the husband’s permission

5. Lesbianism

4. Use of contraceptives

3. Marrying outside the religion

2. Banned from reporting witness to a rape

1. Not protest against domestic violence


Sumit Gulia

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