Top 10 Stupidest Celebrities

Top 10 Stupidest Celebrities

Page 3 tends to put superstars on a base that is rarely truly reflective of their real intelligence and talent. Like other humanoid beings, celebrities too have their fortes and restrictions. Yet they are deified to an awkward degree. That is why, when they act or say unwise things, it prickles us so extremely. The delusion that they are not perfect is shattered and we all have fun captivating pot shots at their mug. This object is not meant to be aggressive to anyone. In fact, I assure you that the writer of this part is extremely low in grey cells as well. That is why maybe it is so much fun summarizing kindred spirits from about the world. Celebrities are such icons of pop ethos that it is criminal not to plan the stupid things they say or do, in a totally non spiteful way. I would like to say earlier that all ten of these celebs are flawlessly nice and kind people. This list is just for a advertisement of fun.

10. Mariah Carey

9. Britney Spears

8. Kim Kardashian

7. Paris Hilton

6. Lindsay Lohan

5. Rakhi Sawant

4. Poonam Pandey

3. Anna Kendrick

2. Justin Bieber

May be the detail that I am not a adolescent girl does not endear this mega pop star to my view, but I am simply puzzled as to the utter fandom nearby his works. I know many actual youths who are puzzled like me and thus can feel thankful that it is not individual bias. His hair, his voice, his meetings and above all that excruciating attitude- everything establishes to create a Frankenstein of our times. A Frankenstein shaped by tween culture that is fast taking over all remotely intelligible in the world.

1. Sarah Palin

The number one top for minority goes to the woman who once said, “If God had not envisioned for us to eat animals, how come he made them out of meat?” Now I have nonentity against non-vegetarianism. I am one myself. But of the logic being made out of meat income that you are liable to be eaten, then persons are number one on the hazard list. Would Ms Palin like to end up as Hannibal Lector’s appetiser one day? This coming from a woman who was composed to become the President of USA. Gads that was a thin escape!

Sumit Gulia

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