Top 10 Strangest Creatures on Earth

Top 10 Strangest Creatures on Earth

Nature is full of geniuses. In many ways it is just miraculous. Be it the lively colors we see around or be it the vast graceful oceans; nature seems to leave us thunderstruck every time. There are so many living beings around us. Scientist and investigators have found over millions of classes and the search for new ones is still successful on. It is therefore unbearable for us to know all about countryside. If we talk about animals that co exist with us in what way many of them do you know? I am unquestionable we know mainly only about the animals that we see in zoos and aquariums. But outside the human reach hundreds of animals have was and their discovery leaves the manhood simply surprised. Fishes living the ocean floor where even sun light cannot enter was a true moment of shock for mankind which kept on rational that without sun life cannot be. These animals with dangerous features just permission one word for us and that is “WEIRD”. I too was taken aback when I originate about these animals. It just left me with the sensation that we know nothing about our earth. I could not believe that here are such beings as well on Earth. Here are the 10 strangest creatures you will come across in the animal realm. Most of these animals are not easy to find and therefore it took many years for people to find out about them. I am sure after interpretation this list you too will say just one thing- yes they are certainly weird.

10. Aye Aye

9. Yeti crab

8. Axolotl

7. Viper fish

6. Leafy seadragon

5. Proboscis monkey

4. Gulper eel

3. Hag fish

2. Star nosed mole

1. Blob fish

Take a look at the picture above. Do you memory where have you seen this? The first time I saw this I directly said Men in Black 3. It was shown as an unfamiliar fish and I supposed them. It was only when I read about it I found out that this truly strange animal is actually an Earth fish. Blob fish’s body is simply a minimum less gelatin like mass. It lives almost at the bottom of the ocean. The jelly makes it floating enough just to keep it naturally fluctuating above the ocean floor. It does not any need way and eats tiny creatures that originate on its way.

Sumit Gulia

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