Top 10 Signs of Being in Love

Top 10 Signs of Being in Love

Love is inexplicable. Love is the most good-looking feeling in this world. Love is a blessing from cupid. Love is the gift from god. Love is so much as well as yet not enough. that’s why  it has so many definitions. It has an inexpressible warmth, peace as well as bliss in it.  Every heart in this world yearns for only two common things, love as well as god. Love is perhaps the other name of god. That form of god which human beings can attain. Everyone wants to get it. But how do we really know if we are love strike? What are its symptoms? What are its results? What are its signs? No one can explain them exactly. Though there are some common feelings as well as emotions that everyone in love undergoes. Below is a list of Ten Signs of Being in Love –

Love is when you feel appreciated. To fall in love it is necessary to feel love. Love is unfinished until you feel it. Only if someone say you are in love, you are not. To be in be in love with, is to realize it. Love takes time to happen, as well as it certainly take time to realize. A special feeling, a sacred bond, emotions that you have never felt before, something that you’d describe as being out of this world . This can’t happen with just anyone, any day. It takes a reasonable period of time for love to happen as well as for the feeling to finally sink in. Feeling loved, is a complex thing. You can’t just feel it with anyone. It needs to be encompassed with many feelings along with love. Respect, protection as well as understas well asing are just a few facets of love itself. They come in naturally as a part as well as parcel of this phenomenon that we choose to call ‘LOVE’, until as well as unless you are in love you don’t feel them.

10. Music

9. Poetry

8. Restlessness

7. Divinity

6. Unreasonable Happiness

5. Longing

4. Sense of Responsibility

3. Madness

2. Desire to be together forever

1. Feeling Loved

Sumit Gulia

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