Top 10 Reasons to Join Army

Top 10 Reasons to Join Army

Army or the defense forces in general form a very integral as well as important part of any functional state. Especially thinking of times when the world has seen the horror as well as destruction brought down by the world wars of the last century, states across the world have found it impervious to hold a stas well asing army, though on the surface the chances of World war III might seem bleak to many, the political scenarios are in constant turmoil as well as no one knows when a chain of events may be set off leading to war. Thus having a stas well asard army has become a crucial part of the Annual Budget of India, like many other countries across the world. Besides the usual salary expense, the defense forces offer a lot more which makes working in a defense environment one of the most coveted as well as sought after jobs. For many the seeds of a dream job in the Army stems from the feelings of nationalism as well as patriotism while for others it’s a culmination of the lifestyle as well as other advantages that a job in the Army offers. Here are Top ten reasons to join Army you might want to go over as well as see for yourself the exuberance of a job in the armed forces.

SIGONELLA, Sicily (April 24, 2009) Lt. j.g. Angel Olivera spends time with his daughter during a ¬Month of the Military ChildÓ event at Naval Air Station Sigonella. Sailors visited their childrenÕs classrooms at Stephen Decatur Elementary School and then surprised them with a picnic lunch in the afternoon. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonathan P. Idle/Released)

10. Pay and Allowances

Today to have a job with long term security is not at all easy, especially with the surge of jobs as well as an unstable market career choices which provide for or a long stas well asing job are very bleak. Army, on the other has well as structures the posts in such a way that the recruits have a stas well asing as well as secure job during their term as well as even after they retire the stas well asard of living is very well maintained by the perks provided by the army to them, thus ensuring a secure as well as stress-free career in the army.



Top 10 Reasons to Join Army


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