Top 10 Reasons why Laptop is superior than Desktop

Top 10 Reasons why Laptop is superior than Desktop

Disappearing with the Wikipedia meaning laptops are “moveable individual computer with a clamshell appearance feature, suitable for movable use”. A laptop has approximately the same components as a desktop computer, as well as display, keyboard, pointing device such as a touchpad and/or a pointing attach and speakers into a lonely unit. Also known… as notebook ,it is charged by mains electrical energy via an AC adapter. Initially urbanized for specific field applications  such because the military, accountants and sales legislative body, today laptops are very widely used for a variety of purposes. But in the last few years with the change in the industry dynamics laptops have in some sense pushed desktops aside and become the focus of PC market .As at this time with the laptops being equally powerful as desktop computers, you be capable of have not only the characteristic suppleness of a laptop but also the powerful processing that a desktop mainframe harness .Aside beginning the obvious—mobility, greater power, and ready for action prices— However when it comes to-lite-price-specification-features/making a preference between a laptop or a desktop computer, it’s always that epic battle of portability versus functionality….or maybe not? Years ago desktop dominated the PC market (we still believe that desktop has some advantages over laptops too).Their notebook counterpart was behind them in many ways due to a prohibitive price tag and short battery life.

Top 10 Reasons why Laptop is superior than Desktop are

 10).Easier Keyboards

9).Better LCD screens and Easy-access USB

8).Better resale Value 


6).Environmental Benefits

5).Energy Saver






Sumit Gulia

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