Top 10 Reasons why we hate Facebook

Top 10 Reasons why we hate Facebook

Social network is to Facebook similar to repetition is to xerox. We live in this earth where the once appreciated website has turn into a creeper. Lets take a seem at why we have happening to develop that repeal emotion for Facebook.

10 .Its gone commercial !

 The Gen-today doesn’t need an foreword to Facebook or free social network but its time the gravy trail ended . Facebook is gone saleable as well as is turning into a commercial stooge hell bent at squeezing out money from you in any way possible. Don’t believe me ? check the new promote trait as well as you ll think it my friend . Now pay whatever thing between 5$ to 300$ to have your status promoted on your timeline . If you pay then it appears on your Facebook Friends time line . When your friend act together from side to side it it appears on your friend’s friend’s timeline . the layers keep increasing as well as your post is seen by different people , it branches out . It doesn’t end there my friend, You get a corporate analysis in form of graph as well as percentage as well as facts as well as figure to show you how much you benefited from this. The post have a sponsored tab beneath it from where you can access the new ‘valued added’ feature. Nothing wrong in it right ? I come on Facebook to chill as well as not entertain the paid posts or the read adds which i would otherwise ignore . Literally have to search for relevant posts , that is a little more effort than what i would as a rule put into relaxing. If i dont pay , in some time i would be erase out of the face of network lost in forgetfulness as i did not give

9 New settings ? Not again .

8. Social hide and seek


7. We Friends ? You don’t say .


6. RIP central park , CCD, apna adda.

5. I don’t want to be a part of it


4. Spams and Stalkers


3. Classic waste of Time


2. Its open to all


1. (Facebook) Addict Anonymous.

Sumit Gulia

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