Top 10 Reason Why Education Is Essential

Top 10 Reason Why Education Is Essential

It is wisely said “without education man is a slave “. In today’s world, we all longing to beb autonomous. We all want to be rich plus bigger of others. We all like to have our pockets full all the time but as it is forceful world out there, where you can expect no mercy, nobody will pay you devoid of extracting certain amount of benefits for themselves. The experienced system of  ‘give and take’ seem to be entrenched at the very foundation and this can be illustrated with the protuberance of a whole cycle whose fundamental element is ‘education’. knowledge was born with the birth of the human race and it will carry on to meaning as extensive as the human race lives .It is not only interpretation books or attending an academic or knowing how to read or write; it makes you a person, ‘makes you who you are ‘.Education is a sign of lack of restrictions. Here it is important that one should recognize the difference between being educated and being literate. a cultured is a person more than the age of seven who can read and write  in any language and execute some requisite arithmetic skills  where as being sophisticated means much more than just someone literate. One shouldn’t be just erudite but educated.

 10. A Personality Developer

 9. Comparisons

 8. Chances/ Opportunities

 7. Confidence

 6. Broadening your horizons

 5. Security

 4. Dreams

 3. Social Life

 2. Management skills

1. Best investment


Sumit Gulia

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