Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader

Leaders are people who are self aware of themselves, they distinguish themselves in and out and know what they worth and trust in, and they act on these values amenably. It is the makings of a being which can either make him a front-runner or break him. He should own such qualities that others must follow. Some say that management is an innate ability whereas some trust that over a period of time we can alter ourselves into a leader. According to groups their leaders are moral people and they are instinctive with such makings. The effectiveness and traits of front-runner vary from ethos to culture. Though a particular type of management can be seen real in western culture but might not be satisfactory to Asians. But there are few traits which are shared around the world. The groups worldwide want to see these traits in their front-runner. Here is the list of top 10 makings a front-runner must have:

10. Positive Attitude

9. Creativity

8. Ability to Inspire

7. Loyalty

6. Patience

5. Responsibility

4. Determination

3. Trustworthy

2. Communication

A great correspondent is some way or the other is always a great leader. These are services need to be erudite from childhood, to be a great leader a child has to be skilled in language, grammar etc.

1. Honesty


A good leader should not only say the truth but a much more is predictable out of him. Together with being true in talks you have to be fair and clear-cut in your chat. He is expected to be frank in their behavior and chat. The followers trust their leader sightlessly so to keep up the trust one has to spotless in whatsoever he does. To be an authoritative leader, a leader must lead his team with values, honesty and honesty. To invoke the trust of the team memberships this is the most important traits that the groups demands in their front-runner all over the world.

Sumit Gulia

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