Top 10 Qualities of Best Friends

Top 10 Qualities of Best Friends

Rightly called, man is a social animal. I cannot even visualize a person travelling a lonely road all all during his life towards the very end. After all, you need an important person to walk along, someone to guide as well as someone to hold up you through the ups as well as downs of this trip. Friends are people in your life who make your life beautiful as well as worth living. A top friend, however, is just next to a soul mate. He or she will be with you when you rise, when you fall, as well as when you want to rise yet again. All of us make good friends in school, some of them we call as our best friends. Then most often, life takes a turn as well as you people end up in diverse colleges, under pressure to make a career of your imaginings. companionship may or may not give in, but you definitely come across newer people, make newer friends as well as perhaps they also become your new best friends. finest friends may change over time but the qualities that make them stand out as well as take over that central post in your life are more or less the same. Given below are 10 qualities best friends possess or must hold, which ultimately leads them being called the ‘best’ of all:


10. They do what interests you; they are fun to be with!!

9. They are not just attentive to your words but your expressions:

8. Expect honesty and straightforwardness from them:

7. You have got someone who will protect you throughout:

6. Generosity is their way:

5. They bring out the best in you:

4. They care and they show:

3. Treasure them; they are worth your trust!:

2. They will never let you feel alone! :

1. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY:

Sumit Gulia

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