Top 10 Photography Genres

Top 10 Photography Genres

Photography is a highly influential and powerful visual average, which makes a lot of impact on the audiences. Be it in the Newspapers, TV, Online, etc. The content is highly flattered by the photographs. The very live instance is this object itself which has equal number of photos along with the content. As the well-known quote goes,” A picture is value a 1000 words”

Photography is a vast arena that reaches all the age-gruops of the civilization. So essentially photography is known as the graphic certification of events and some unforgettable moments (personally).  Along with the development of technology the development in this medium very and proved very helpful to all. In olden days photos were the symbol of enthusiasm and cameras were sign of status. Now photography is nearby to all irrespective of what medium it is. Peoples around the world use dissimilar flamboyances of photography. But if we classify in general ; Commercial photography ,Artistic photography, Technical photography are main sub divisions. Apart from these, there are so many genres/types of photography, out of which we tilt top ten

10) Light painting:

9) Sports photography

8) Street photography

7) Bokeh Photography

6) Portraiture

5) Floral photography

4) Studio Photography

3) Food Photography

2) Wild life photography

1)  Candid photographs

Taking the photographs of the subject, where he/she is naïve about the camera and photographer is called frank photography. Here the subject is not looking straight into the camera he/she and is totally ignorant of the photographer. Most of the photographs we see in the news papers, books and many historic pictures are frank. The photographs show the natural look of the subject.  These are usually seen in wedding photographs. It even originates under the rubric of reportage. Sometimes it is called clandestine photography, generally in sting processes. It is very difficult to classify this type of photography as it is almost seen in all subject founded photography genres. All sorts of feelings and languages are seen in these photographs. Sometimes these frank photographs really imprisonments the ‘honest’ moment ,that can be appalling and too hard to take. Example is Kevin Carter’s Predator photograph.

Sumit Gulia

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