Top 10 Party Games Ideas

Top 10 Party Games Ideas

As they say, nothing can get healthier than a good business unless it’s good business and some interesting games.

Have you ever come crossways a social or casual meeting where with passing time, where you are left speculating what to do? Everybody appears to be in a mood for a game but no one distinguishes what to do? If yes, then you’re not the only one. We all have come crossways situations like that. So, here’s a list containing Top 10 Fun Get Composed Party Games Ideas that’ll make your get composed all the more fun.

10. Chinese whispers

9. UNO

8. Truth or Dare

7. Bluff

6. Zulu Zulu

5. Killerrrr

4. Board Games

3. 20 questions

2. Mafia

This game is about undoubted others but by lying to them and also about guessing out the ones who are lying. The game is set up in a setting of a once nonviolent town which has been attacked by the dark forces of corruption-the Mafia. The game is frolicked in to stages i.e. “day” and “night”,where throughout the day the townsfolk discuss and debate about who is the clique and will banish the person who is the prime doubtful and the person with the uppermost votes, while at night the mafia clandestinely slays one of the townsfolk.

The townspeople have to employ an inspector whose assignment will be to put an end to the mafia. The game is best when played in strange numbers like 9, 11, and 13.  The players are alienated into 2 groups i.e. the ‘mafia’ and the ‘townspeople’.

1.  I’ve  never..

Get-togethers can not ever be complete without getting tipsy. Though an awkward game, this one is a great hit between friends. Each player has to make a declaration beginning with “I’ve never” for example, if you have never grassed out in the night you’d say “I’ve never sneaked out in the night”, so anybody across the table who has grassed out  in the night must drink.

Unnecessary to say, the game gets better when everyone gets drunker.


Sumit Gulia

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