Top 10 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily

Top 10 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily

Foundation, toner, bronzer, kaajal, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, eye-shadow, lip-gloss, powder, blusher, lipstick,  deodorant,nail shine…if you are in the habit of putting on at smallest amount ten of these every single day, whether at labour, parties, picnics, dinners or walks, you are definitely an obsessive obsessive cosmetics user! Of route, they make you look pretty, but not forever. They create you look younger, but they don’t make you younger. Too a large amount of a good thing can revolve very nasty in the long run. foundation today contain a wide range of chemical which, if used in shortage, slowly damage our skin and body until it is too behind schedule to mend. A swot up has found that the average woman expose her skin to one hundred and seventy five like chalk and cheese chemicals everyday in the outward appearance of make- up and beautification merchandise. Dangerous chemicals like sodium sulphates, phthalates, parabens, triclosan in addition to various reactive acids in attendance in most popular cosmetic products at the moment are absorbed by the skin hooked on the bloodstream and lead to numerous remaining side effects, some of which be known to have serious repercussion for the user’s general physical condition. Read on to discover more on the subject of how these so-called magic make up magic can be little devils in disguise!

10. Skin Discoloration

9. Headaches

8. Itching and Skin Disorders

7. Allergic Reactions

6. Eye Infections

5. Depression

4. Disruption of Thyroid Systems

3. Damage to Reproductive Systems

2. Breathing Disorders

1. Increase Susceptibility to Cancer

If nothing else can make you be in charge of the use of cosmetics, this absolutely will.The most pressing reason to maximize the use of cosmetics and toiletries is to save from harm yourself fro cancer risks, in other language, almost certain death. A majority of substance cosmetics available in the  marketplace today contain toxic ingredients that, with drawn out use, can cause multiple kind of cancer – breast cancer, skin cancer in addition to blood cancer.Fragrances containing phosphates, artificial shampoos and deodorant sprays and pin polish contaminated with benzene in scrupulous can be the causes of the worst kinds of cancer. in addition to the worst part is, since company try their best to make these merchandise look as innocent as possible, and since of the lack of consumer awareness on the subject of the their toxicity, people hardly suspect them to be the grounds of their health troubles, until it is too late.

Sumit Gulia

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