Top 10 Match-Fixing Cases in World Cricket

Top 10 Match-Fixing Cases in World Cricket

Stains on the pure white picture of the gentleman’s game have appear from time to time in forms of tamper, sledging, wrong actions, burning up of restricted drugs, in order leaks, spot fitting and match fixing. With huge inflow of money into cricket and rising illegal betting, the risk of match fixing has become quite common. Be it worldwide one-day cricket or test match, domestic cricket or county, or even the high profile IPL, fixing has made its attendance seen everywhere. Though stringent events have been taken both by the intercontinental Cricket Council and the National Cricket Boards to defend the quality and spirit of world cricket, major misconduct are believed to exist under their noses even yet. Listed below are the top 10 controversy in relation with match fitting and spot fixing which has shaken the cricketing fraternity over the last two decades:

10. County Cricket FIXED (2009)

9. Marlon Samuels caught fixing (2007)

8. Kenyan cricketer Odumbe banned  (2004)

7. Mark Waugh and Shane Warne penalized for supplying information (1994)

6. Saleem malik and fellows fixing case (2000)

5. Three Pakistan players made a shameful exit over no ball scandal (2010)

 4. IPL 6 spot fixing scandal (2013)

3. Mohd. Azharuddin found guilty (2000)

2. Other Indian players caught in the net (2000)

1.Hansie Cronje scandal unveiled (2000):

One of the best players of his times and the then South African captain, Hansie Cronje was fated by fixing charges by Delhi Police through the ODI series against India in March, 2000. transcript of chat between him and a bookie were free into press which provide clear proof of his lying means. After initial denial, Hansie admit to his rigging practice and confess to have usual over 100,000 USD since 1996 from bookies in return of match in order and spot fixing. He mention the name of Mohammad Azharuddin and unveil the whole net he had got into. Herschelle Gibbs, Henry Williams and Nicky Boje were also connected with the argument and were also given a two year ban. Hansie Cronje was yet, banned for life by South African Cricket Board and die of plane smash into in 2002.

Sumit Gulia

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