Top 10 Highest in Demand Engineering Streams

Top 10 Highest in Demand Engineering Streams

The biggest question for engineering candidates before facing therapy is which branch to chose? With the ever changing trends of the market this question takes an even more penetrating form. Opting for the current highest in request engineering stream may direct to land you in a problem as you will be facing market with your grade only after implementation your course i.e. 4 years ( or 5 years (Dual degree programme) and the situation after four years is quite hard to forecast.

As per my view a wise idea to decide highest in request engineering watercourse would be examining the market and deciding the needs of future market rather than going behind the number of jobs in different sectors. Here I would like to remind my readers one very significant thing that it is not at all bad to study the trend and watch for most in request stream of the course you are going to follow but making your choice based on this demand would be an unfairness to yourself. Go for your interest even if it does not competitions the trend because then only you will be able to bring out best out of you. Remember, do what you like and the achievement will follow your footsteps.

10. Chemical Engineering

9. Industrial and Production Engineering

8. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

7. Petroleum Engineering

6. Civil Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

4. Electrical Engineering

3.  Information Technology

2. Electronics and Communication Engineering

1. Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science is the final hero of engineering punishments, and the backbone of entire software industry. Seeing a mobile or two or more than that in every ones pocket, a laptop or a tablet hanging in a bag on every specialist’s and students’ shoulder, and endless examples of technical need we can easily predict the importance of this stream. We cannot envisage our world without computers, right from GPS, to our mobile phones; this has wired its root in our lives like an old banyan tree. As long as computer will continue to exist among us the need for its engineers will also meeting constant hike. There is a continuous demand for the computer science alumna to meet the global needs, making it the most in request engineering stream.

Sumit Gulia

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