Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

Top 10 health dangers of smoking ,Smoking is an addiction which in no way is good to any well being. Smoking only leads to damage as well as to self as well as also affects others. Almost all the smokers are educated as well as aware of the health hazards produce due to smoking as well as still the addiction is so strong that the ratio of quitters is very less. Efforts are taken by various anti-smoking campaigns to help the smokers quit smoking, but the results are minimal. Below is the list of ten health hazards produce by smoking:

10. Fertility problems:

Infertility is the common problems in couples due to the smoking. Couples who indulge in smoking find it difficult to conceive. Male smokers get the high tendency of erectile dysfunction because of smoking in the early age as well as mid age. The ratio of infertility is more in smokers than the non smokers.

9. Macular degeneration:

Smokers are in the double risk of getting eyesight problems as well as other eye related serious illness. Smoking results into macular degeneration as well as thus there are changes to lose their eyesight as well. The toxic effects, that smoking does on retina causes all these problems.

8. Gastrointestinal disease:

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

Smoking is one of the prime causes for gastrointestinal diseases. Smoking increases the acid amount in one’s stomach leading to severe acidity as well as peptic ulcers. Such ulcer sores in the stomach as well as intestines leading to side effects like bloating, gastric perforation, nausea etc. as well as are extremely painful.

7. Bone disease:

The bones of the body as well as specially the lungs are damaged badly due to the smoking as well as it also keeps new bone from forming. Thus smoking can result into occurrence of bone fractures as well as weakens the bones. It can also cause osteoporosis in women who smoke.

6. Diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes which is non-insulin dependent occurs more often three times in smokers than the other individuals who don’t smoke. If not managed properly this type 2 diabetes can damage health more by renal failure, coronary heart disease as well as blindness. When a person is diagnosed by diabetes it stays by the person until the last breathe.

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

5. Hypertension:

Hypertension as well as high blood pressure is one of the risky side effects of smoking. Smoking can cause high blood pressure which leads to hypertension as well as that further can lead to stroke, heart attack, renal failure or paralysis attack. Hypertension also destroys the family peace as well as harmony.

4. Other types of cancer:

Smokers have a high risk of getting different types of cancer than that of non smokers. After lung cancer other cancers like mouth, throat, esophagus, etc. are also at the high risk due to smoking. Other cancers like stomach cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, cervix cancer, skin cancer etc. are the other types at lower risk due to smoking.

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

3. COPD:

COPD is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is the most common in smokers than any other disease. COPD is also known as blanket term of chronic bronchitis as well as even for emphysema. Both the conditions are grows rapidly as well as has inevitable ending of relying on other outside sources for oxygen as well as thus later causes death. The other damages are also irreversible. COPD has 95% chances of occurring only due to smoking. Thus smoking is the main cause of COPD among people. COPD mostly occurs in the age of thirties to forties as well as the life of such smokers by COPD is not easier.

2. Cardiovascular disease:

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

Smoking is the main cause of death in people suffering by cardiovascular diseases. Smoking affects the arteries as it makes them narrower as well as stiff. Such situation can cause further complications like cerebral thrombosis or you can say coronary thrombosis which leads to main problems like heart attack, paralysis or stroke.

1. Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common danger produce due to smoking. Almost everyone in the world knows about the connection of lung cancer as well as smoking. The risk of lung cancer is much higher in smokers than the non smokers. Tar is the main content in cigarettes which is also known as carcinogen which has proved in causing lung cancer as well as other types of cancer. It is also said that if smoking never existed in the world than lung cancer might be one of the rarest disease. Smoking is the main cause of death in 95% cases of lung cancer. Lung cancer suffocates the person day by day as well as thus life is much more difficult to live as well as it also affects the life of family as well as friends. Lung cancer is one of the worst as well as slow deaths any smoker can get.
This are the most common health dangers produce due to smoking. Even after reading all the hazards on the packet of cigaret people still continue by this bad habit. Though after reading all the health hazards people who smoke should take it a call as well as quit smoking, but even after knowing all the hazards people don’t show the concern to quit smoking. It’s a high time for people who smoke as well as thus should think of their family, friends as well as loved ones as well as also for their well being as well as thus should consider in quitting smoking. There are various associations as well as camps as well as NGO’s who help smokers to quit smoking as well as leave the addiction of smoking.

Top 10 Health Dangers of Smoking

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