Top 10 Good Healthy Habits everyone must follow

Top 10 Good Healthy Habits everyone must follow

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man fit wealthy and wise… we all have learnt this poem in primary units… However, it is not all. There is a lot more to be done to stay fit. Let us have a look on these tips.

Health is not just something defined physically but mentally too. In this fast moving life, it often becomes hectic and one feels like escaping from this world, which can lead to health issues such as headaches, depression etc. but these have a solution. Stay connected

10. Stay connected!!!

9. Regular Check Ups

8. Oral Care

7. Say no to bad eating habits

6. Proper Sleep

5. Physical exercise

4. Take lots of fruits

3. Intake of fluids

2. Green Leafy

Green Leafy Vegetables are outstanding source of folate, which decreases your risk of circulatory disease and memory loss. The vitamin E found in green vegetables the whole thing with vitamin C to keep skin fit i.e. it helps you to stay younger for longer time. This vitamin also helps in defensive your skin from sun’s harmful rays and may reduce your risk of waterfalls. It lowers your fat and helps in handling blood pressure levels. Accepting green vegetables in your daily meals will help you to stay fit and fit for long, so one must eat them frequently. Go for spinach, peas, beans, broccoli, sprouts and all.

1. Proper meals

Extra, deficiency and inequity in diet, all 3 can have negative influence on health. Have three meals per day. It is important to note that not all three meals should be weighty. Rather, have breakfast like a king, lunch like a leader and dinner like a beggar. A healthy mealtime can jump-start your breakdown. Have a light dinner. Try having dinner 3-4 hrs before sleeping. Do not directly lie down after meals. Walk a bit. Chew your food correctly. Avoid fried and fatty things. If your abdominal really desires for high calorie food, take little. Have water in its place. Include gruel, oats, and soups in your diet.

Sumit Gulia

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