Top 10 Games Kids Love to Play

Top 10 Games Kids Love to Play

Do you memorize Jadon smith from “The Karate kid”? If you feel the article will tell to the film or boy, you are absolutely wrong, just like how jadon plays karate every kid has to play some or the other game, he/she have to be active in some additional activities. Today’s kids are  very intelligent , they have great greedy power  as well as  recollection power as well.  They are natural talented  who can multitask as well as learn belongings very rapidly.  Eastern countries teaching system is very serious as well as systematic unlike others. Then what is up to the playoffs?  Games play a huge role in every kid’s life, it inculcates many quality in child as well as it is both knowledge as well as amusing standard.

10) Snakes and ladders:

 9) Building blocks:

8) Online games:

7) Play stations and video games:

6) Monopoly:

5) Hide and seek:

 4) Treasure hunt:

3) Puzzles and word games:

2)  Red light and green light(RLGL)and Hopscotch:


Ring ring tring tring, let’s look out for amazing which is a small game as well as still an effectual game. It guarantees humor as well as teaches the communiqué skill to the kids. phone, the game assures a lot of fun! This game is a just right instance of how a communication chain works. Players(Kids) are supposed to sit in a circle. The first kid starts as well as thinks comes up with a  word as well as whisper in the ear of the next kid. The process of passing continue in the form of round chain. The best part it when it reaches the last kid as well as he/she utters it loudly hilarity ensures! It shows how a small word can knowledge many forms. The actual rule is the word must not be repeated twice as well as it has to be thought, if it is not clear the real game is on! This game is most often played by kids as well as now and then even family members. But it is a ideal school game. All the kids need is a group as well as a few lovely as well as lengthy(it creates little bewilderment) words!

Sumit Gulia

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