Top 10 Most Famous Authors in the World

Top 10 Most Famous Authors in the World

So ready to finally let go of your enthusiasm by getting yourself to the bookstore and buy additional piece of your favorite author’s newest novel? Is not that what all the reading zealots do? I remember the last time I went in search of a book of one of my preferred authors and had gone erratic when I could not find that in any of the bookstore. I was unhappy. I am sure most of you do have a desire to get a whole collection of your favorite author. Now the basic question is, can everyone become an author as well-known as the ones you prefer? Well, not everybody has got the aptitude. It requires skill and aptitude to be able to write well and connect your thought courses through your words. Writing is a form of an art which appeals one’s inner feelings and to do so, they need to have a good language to explain exactly what they mean in the most intelligible manner. Most writers seem to be keen philosophers and witnesses who absorb their surrounding and pour it in arguments. You, being a reader, must also know that not every writer got success in an instant. Most of the authors originally had to face refusal from the publishing agencies before their books made it up to the nick and go on becoming a hit. But their passion to achieve something did not just fade away in the dark in the face of refusal. Most of them did not yearn after commercial success. They just wrote because that is what they precious and in the process increased both name and fame. Their works have donated a lot in the society. They have, in a way, made a great influence not only in the mythical world but also in the lives of their booklovers. Let it be a work of literature or non-fiction, they do not fail to stir strong feelings within us either of happiness, sadness or laughter, so on and so forth. Not only this, they are a true stimulus to many writers who seek to be on among them in the future. Check out the list of some of the well-known authors underneath who have left a mark in the literary realm and continue doing so even today.

  1. Robin Cook

  1. Cecelia Ahern

  1. Jeffrey Archer

  1. Agatha Christie

  1. Stephenie Meyer

  1. J.k. Rowling

  1. Paulo Coelho

  1. Sidney Sheldon

  1. Nicholas Sparks

  1. Danielle Steel

Sumit Gulia

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