Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

Man is a communal animal. Who denies that? No one!!! But tremendous of imposing is always a symbol of troubled waves barging in. With the advent of latest technologies, fast message become the need of the hour. No single liked waiting for hours in queues for few moments with their beloved ones. All acknowledgment to reach of the social networking sites, that come handy in every corner and curve of the city. And it costs next to nothing. It has made our life easier, more aware of the present situations than ever and more important it has helped us remain connected to the ones we love. Every coin has two sides. And social networking sites have been playing with our lives, emotions since numerous years. If you still oppose, stroll down to the next few points. We share everything on social sites. Even if we do not like it, some day or the other we want the world to know about our likes, dislikes, photos. This is all because of the dearth of close people with us. We want to share the whole thing. We cannot pretend to unsocial animals sitting on the lazy couch in our homes. But now and again personal stuffs are inescapable to be personal and this public post might create havoc in your life. What all happened within closed doors now are a rage in the public. When an artist is dead, people misuse this platform to blame their family members and ruin their social life. Sometimes, a page is specifically bent against a certain community/person just to harass the person and shatter his image. More often than not we have seen populace fighting within themselves in the comments with utter nonsense. Nothing is left behind except bitter feelings and crushed dreams.

Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking are:

10.Mutual contempt out in the open

9.Impassive towards reality

8.Personal stuff not personal anymore

7.Jealousy in the air

6.Endless trail of troubles

5.Dearth of time

4.Smoke of tension

3.Health issues

2.Sleepless nights

1.Addiction takes its toll



Sumit Gulia

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