Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever

Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever

As dreadful as may sound, PC viruses can be a nightmare that might reason extensive damage to your innocent machine. It can very much disrupt your system’s performance and has the latent to wipe out the whole thing on your hard disk. Like cancer, pneumonia and other deadly illness are to human, computer virus are to computer. It is designed to tirelessly carbon copy itself and corrupt your smart small baby creation it sick and helpless. I don’t think today, there is anybody, who can afford to loose the secrets they tell to their dearest reliable friend or know how to bear to let some virus affect the system that is so close to them. Those who have gone through a virus assault on their computers knows too well what this fuss is all about and those who haven’t should know about  some of the most dishonest computer virus and the total destruction they cause.


10. Nimda

9. Conficker

8. Storm Worm –

7. CIH

6. Melissa –

5. SQL Slammer

4. Code Red –

3. Sobig F –


1. My Doom

My Doom explored its way to the malware world on 26th January 2004 and sent a trembling around the world as it scattered exponentially via e-mail with random senders’ speak to and theme lines. My fate also known as “Novarg” is explanation to be the most unsafe virus ever free, breaking the previous record set by the Sobig F worm. My Doom quickly dirty some two million computers and instigate a huge denial of fix harass which smashed the fake planet for sometime. It broadcast itself in a particularly lying manner through electronic mail as what receiver would first reckon to be a bounce error communication as it reads “Mail Transaction Failed.” But, as soon as the communication is click upon, the attachment is executed and the worm is transfer to e-mail address found in user’s speak to book. The damage cause by this fastest-spreading mass mailer worm was a whopping $38 billion.



Sumit Gulia

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