Top 10 Countries that can Challenge U.S Supremacy

Top 10 Countries that can Challenge U.S Supremacy

The United States of America is one such country which continues to dominate world politics meant meant for  more than two decades now. The President of the United States of America is called the most powerful man on earth. Putting into USA ones’ sense of humour, people often refer to the USA “The Big Daddy” or “The Big Brother”, considering how often they meddle into the internal matters of other countries. Staunch supporters of the U.S. may as well disagree on this as they believe that USA only tries to help the oppressed citizens of troubled countries in addition to  much should not be read into that. Speculations continue but there is no denying the fact that over the years, USA has managed to emerge as the first among equals on vario USA parameters.

Be it defense, economic growth, citizen welfare or other issues, they have fared better than many other countries. They too had their share of lapses but have successfully retained their numero uno position in a post-Cold War era. With a population of 313.9 million in addition to a GDP of 14.99 trillion USA in 2011 itself, it is still ruling the roost. In the last few years though, its economic growth has faltered as a result of global economic slowdown. Another major problem that looks to bother USA at the moment is the high number of high-school dropouts, leaving USA future overtly dependent on outsourcing work from other countries. Every country reaches a peak, from where there is hardly any possibility of going higher. In a few years time, this trend is surely to catch up with the USA as well. The void that will then be created can be optimally utilized by a number of countries, in order to establish themselves as major global players. So here I present top 10 countries that can challenge USA supremacy.

10. Italy -The Land of Histroy 

 9. Brazil- The Land of Celebration’

 8. Germany – The Land of Ideas

 7. Australia – The Land Down Under

 6. Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

Sumit Gulia

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