Top 10 Costliest Diamonds in the World

Top 10 Costliest Diamonds in the World

The list requires no introduction and it says volumes for itself.  A diamond is incessantly and the owners may cease to exist but its hypnotic luster never diminishes into oblivion. So what is something that lasts for eternity if estimated? Here is the list of the world’s most luxurious diamonds (estimated)

10) Moussaieff Red $20 Million

9) Perfect Pink $23 Million

8) Cullinan Heritage $35.3 Million

7) Princie Diamond $40 Million

6) Graff Pink $46 million

5) Wittelsbach Diamond $80 Million

4) Centenary Diamond $90 million

3) Steinmetz Pink Diamond $100 Million

2) Le Bijou du Roi $250 million

It is what you think it is, the ‘Hope’ Diamond.  Deemed as annoying and believed to be a harbinger of doom for its wearer (although many believe these fallacies were forged to increase its market value). Also known as the Taverneir Blue it was found in the Kollur mine, the date of detection in unknown however the first owner is believed to be Daniel Eliason who documented it in his inventory in 1812. Rated as a Type IIb rhombus it weighs 45.52 carat or 9.10 g. Housed in the Smithsonian Usual History Museum this is maybe the most famous diamond in the world, also owing its admiration to the numerous fallacies attached to it.

1) Star of Africa $2 billion

At 3,106.75 carat or 6211.35 g this is the largest gem excellence diamond to have ever remained found in the history.  It comes from the Best mine near Pretoria, South Africa. Being the major diamond its journey from the mine of source to the research lab in England was a vast potential security problem and a distracting tactic was used (in case you are absorbed you could see it in ocean 12). The Cullinan was so enormous that it was cut into 7 major gravels and 96 smaller ones. Currently possessed by the British crown the original Cullinan is projected to be a $ 2 Billion, thus making it the world’s most luxurious diamond.

Sumit Gulia

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