Top 10 Cool Ads

Top 10 Cool Ads

One of the most maddening things you can perhaps have to deal with on a daily foundation are ads. Now ads per say only include print ads, what you see on tv are advertisements. Every product under the sun now has an ad movement, unfortunately that means that we have the honor of being bombarded with tons and tonnes of droning and uninteresting ads that we don’t even upkeep to look at. However not all of them are that bad. Amongst those frequent ‘please buy me’ posters there are a few that achieve to stick out. And that is what this article is about. Those eye catching, face rotating advertisements that leave you awestruck.

Now if an ad is truly good, it will not nene too much writing on it to make intellect.

10. Oldtimer– all you can eat rest stop

9. Zoo ad

8. Heineken jammin festival

7. Nivea cream

6. WMF Grand Gourmet Knife

5. Samsung MP3 player

4. PSP

3. Job agency

2. Orion telescopes

This ad has everything, it is both shrewd and funny. It plays on the worldwide joke that anything and all is made in China, including the US flag currently exist in on the moon. The ad overstresses the telescopes aptitude to zoom in to such an degree that you can even see the fine print of the flag on the moon. If that’s not amusing, I don’t know what is.

1. Suicide hotline

This ads straightforwardness is ads to its sheer brilliance. The ad is trying to carry that when you are in a condition where you wish to end your life, help yourself by calling the hotline. What makes the ad so good is the safety device. The cutout paper portrays the victim who is holing on to the hands of what is always himself. Also you could go one step profounder and say that the ad also puts across the idea that the victim, if successful in captivating his life will leave a hole in this world that cannot be filled, just like if the paper was cut out, there would just remain an empty hole in the shape of a man.

Sumit Gulia

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