Top 10 Most Common Relationship Issues

Top 10 Most Common Relationship Issues

A relationship is the most beautiful part of one’s life. The most valuable as well as the subtle part. A healthy relationship can give you forte and sureness for a lifetime. But a perfect relationship is not complete without the sweet acquitted fights and uneven meetings. They keep the love alive. But also these there are some unsaid issues that can call for a thoughtful argument. Every couple would have met some of these at one point of life.So, here we are with the top 10 shared relationship issues in today’s time. Hope it helps you number them out opportune from now on.

10. Status conflicts

9. Reputation

8. Flexibility argument

7. Time limits with friends

6. Ambiguity and over possessiveness

5. Misunderstandings and mis-communication

4. Cheating

3. Time issues

2. Domineering attitude

A person with a bossy attitude is very hard to handle. In any association only one person can hold this location but of the other is not capable of that level of endurance, this will lead to serious issues. A person with a controlling personality always over glooms the other one’s thoughts and ideas and is rarely grateful for the partner’s efforts. Such a person needs to be operated with immense love and care. But a dominating character is very difficult to predict. They sometimes, not deliberately, but do hurt the feeling of their partner. So a person with bossy attitude can sometimes lead to very penetrating issues between the couple.

1. Insecurities

As they say “if you truly love somebody, set them free, if they really fit with you  …they will come back”.

But it does not occur that way in reality. The most common issue between twosomes is anxiety. One fears losing the other over other obtainable guys or girls. The feeling of anxiety is a silent murderer. You will never know of its attendance and its drug would have septic you already. Mood swings, questioning nature, asking for extra care all these are the signs of insecurity. This feeling of insecurity will destroy the sugary relationship and that too with no clues.

Thus, insecurity is the most shared relationship issue.

Sumit Gulia

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