Top 10 Most Common Cancer Types

Top 10 Most Common Cancer Types

Our body is a beautiful design of god. Every single cell in our body has a specific mechanism of growing, dividing as well as next finally dying. This whole process is regulated by the DNA present in our cells as well as it start right after we are conceive in our mother’s womb as well as continue as we grow. After we become adults, our body cells do not cease to increase; rather they carry on the process as well as replace the worn-out cells or used in repair injury. But when these cells grow non stop, they become cancerous as well as rather than cold and damp like normal cells, continue to multiply as well as grow more as well as more substandard cells which can also attack other tissues as well as form malignant tumors.

There are millions of people prevalent who are fighting with cancer or had it. It has become quite frequent these days as well as statistics show that half of all men as well as one third of all women will develop cancer all through their lifetime. There are several types of cancers depending on the organs they affect like lung, skin, kidney, etc. Survival of an individual suffering from cancer depends on the overall health of the individual as well as the type of tumor he otherwise she is agony with. People agony from cancer, not only endure massive physical pain but also undergo mental trauma. One can understands  the plight of little girls having leukaemia as well as losing their hair because of the chemotherapy that they have to undergo for its treatment. There is no complete cure available for cancer. Let’s look at the top 10 most common cancer types.

10. Ovarian Cancer

9. Kidney Cancer

8. Skin Cancer

7. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

6. Urinary Bladder Cancer

5. Uterine Cancer

4. Colorectal Cancer

3. Lung Cancer

2. Breast Cancer

1. Prostate Cancer

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