Top 10 Cars for First Time Drivers

Top 10 Cars for First Time Drivers

The driving license is truthfully one of life’s rites of road, one of the first farm duties of maturity that a young person gets to knowledge. Being bright to travel around without parental hold up is a major step in anyone’s life. But lacking a car to go along with it, it doesn’t really change a lot. Now all new drivers will vision of the slick sports car or exchangeable, but actuality has to step in anywhere, and for most of us, there is a funds involved, and matters of keeping cover and organization costs down as well.

10. VW Beetle (2006 – )

Whilst the unique Beetle has the good looks and ‘Herbie’ issue, as a car for the contemporary world it doesn’t really cut it. The new one though, whether it is one of the previous examples that can be found rather inexpensively today, or the later post 2012 model year uprated ones, is a great car in its own right. running to keep some of the nature of the original whilst being a real, modern car with Volkswagen consistency thrown in, it has good crash defense, rational insurance costs and gets good gas mileage as well. A little style over material when it comes to center space it may be, but for new drivers it strike a huge stability.

9. Ford Fiesta (2010 – )

8. Honda Civic (various)

7. Toyota Tacoma (1998 – )

6. Mercedes-Benz Saloon (1976 – 1996)

5. Toyota Celica (1999 – )

4. Ford Fusion (2007 – )

3. Honda CR-V (1997 – )

2. Ford Focus (2004 – )

1. Mini (2006 – )

The most fashionable solid around, it’s been through more than a few model changes since the begin of the modern Mini, even though they all share a very similar form, it takes razor-sharp eyes to differentiate between them. However, all models approved the latest safety skill available at the time they were made, and all have the same, very fun driving knowledge. despicable to run, they are very inexpensive, have outstanding reliability and cover a wide variety of budget from the early cars to today’s new models. Like the Beetle, it does retain some of the exciting of the original whilst bringing modern security and driving experience to the wrap up.

Sumit Gulia

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