Top 10 Books Adapted Into Famous Movies

Top 10 Books Adapted Into Famous Movies

When I say ‘I wish somebody would variety a movie out of this book’, what I really mean is ‘I wish somebody would try this book hooked on a picture with all the characters suitable the book account to the T and no variations in the plot and no added efforts and no removal of important scenes.’ Nobody seems to get that though. Here is a list of top ten best versions of books into movies.

10- Confessions of a Shopaholic

9- My Sister’s Keeper

8- Pride and Prejudice

7- Twilight series

6- The Hunger Games series

5- Othello/ Omkara

4- Lord of the Rings series

3- The Godfather


2- Harry Potter series

1- Gone With The Wind

It was a tough call to choose between Gone With The Breeze and Harry Potter for the first place in this list. Gone With The Wind won by a very thin border, and only because I’m in love through Rhett Butler. The character, attention you, not Clark Gable the actor. The book was printed by Margaret Mitchell and available in 1936. The plot revolves about Scarlett O’Hara, her with Ashley Wilkes and her fervent love affair with Rhett Butler, set against the background of the American Civil War. The wildly positive book was adapted into an even additional successful movie in 1939. Vivien Leigh frolicked Scarlett and Clark Gable, Rhett Butler, in the movie. At the 1940 School Awards, the movie gained in ten out of the thirteen groups it was nominated for. The movie has also been placed in the top ten cinemas in the American Film Institute’s positions. One of the most famous outlines of all times- “Frankly, my beloved, I don’t give a damn” originates from this movie. In the book, the word ‘frankly’ is lost in Rhett Butler’s final dialogue.

Sumit Gulia

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