Top 10 Best Swimmers in the World

Top 10 Best Swimmers in the World

Swimming is one of the best ways to keep you fit as well as in shape. It freshens your body as well as mind alike. I can’t really think of anybody who does not like getting into the pool on a sunny weekend afternoon (unless of course, they are hydrophobic). Swimming can be done as a recreational activity, a regular exercise or as a competitive sport. In some countries like Englas well as, Sweden, Denmark, Philippines etc, swimming has become a part of the educational curriculum as well as children are encouraged to learn it from a very young age. There are various swimming styles namely Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke as well as Butterfly which can be done in an artificially constructed pool or in an open water source like a lake or a sea. Swimming, when done in open is termed as Open Water Swimming. Swimming as a competitive sport gained prominence in nineteenth century. As well as today there are more than 50 swimming competitions being held worldwide. Some of these are FINA (Federation Internationale de Nation) events, LEN (Ligue Européenne de Natatation) events, National Championships as well as few others. After the retirement of the renowned American swimmer Michael Phelps, many people lost their interest in this sport but there are many new facets of the swimming world that are significantly more interesting as well as to watch out for. Here is a list of 10 swimmers across the globe that displayed their swimming talents lately as well as emerged out as the best swimmers.

10. Kelly Aspinall, Canada

9. Yoshinori Muramatsu, Japan

8. Maruyam Tooru, Japan

7. Kousuke Matsui, Japan

6. Makoto Ito, Japan

5. Kazuhisa Hotta, Japan

4. Lorenzo Benatti, Italy

3. Luca Dotto, Italy

2. Marco Orsi, Italy

1. Shinri Shioura, Japan



Top 10 Best Swimmers in the World 

Top 10 Best Swimmers in the World
Sumit Gulia

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