Top 10 Bad Habits 21st century Youth have

Top 10 Bad Habits 21st century Youth have

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”, says a lot of people. Let me reshape that for you. “A particular section of the youth today are sure leaders of tomorrow”. Now this is less “beating around the bush”, as well as more talking to the point. Why am I proverb this? Oh well, I’ll be very honest as well as straight-forward. A majority of the youth today are spoilt. ineffective habits like smoke, drinking, drug-addiction have heartbroken their once upon a time pretty lives. It’s sad, but true. organism part of the youth fraternity, it is nothing but an in succession of sorts to see many youth fade away themselves in the dark compulsion of life. The 21st century youth have fall into frequent bad habits, some of the most famous as well as disturbing ones are here, right now as you read on!


10. Peer pressurising:

9. Junk food:

8. Lacking social awareness:

7. Money-awareness absent:

6. Fb, twitter 24×7:

5. Excessive hanging-out:

4. Pre-marital sex:

3. Drugs:

2. Drinking, alcohol:

1. Smoking:

Smoking, unluckily, is getting extremely prevalent in the youth today. Take a look around you. Yes, at various party hubs, alleys or even by those local paan wallas that sell cigarettes. You certainly will notice more figure of youth attractive a puff out of a Marlboro cigarette. It’s almost amazing one is used to allow for now. Try ask these “youth” why they smoke. Go on, try it! All you will hear is that it helps their minds relax from a range of stresses, while a few unaware ones would say “My friend advised me to try out smoking as well as I liked it”. In worst case scenario, the most ignorant one would say “I smoke because it look cool”. anything said as well as complete, these teenagers do see themselves as the future generation to this world. Yet they plan to smoke very as well as become miserable chain smokers so that they live 10 years slighter.
Sumit Gulia

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