Top 10 Most Amazing Staircases in World

Top 10 Most Amazing Staircases in World

Why do we use a staircase? Clearly, for climbing up to an higher floor or getting depressed to a lower one. Trivial question! But have you ever supposed that a staircase can also look good-looking? In fact, it can be a part of art and building that can require marvelous joinery and highly original mind.  And it can satisfy your eyes so much that you would actually want to ditch your adored elevator and take up the stairs. Stairways have not really been thought of as an good-looking component and they are typically there just to satisfy the need. But with the growth in technology, stairways are not even used as a need. Everyone prefers to use the silo or the escalators (automatic stairs) as they minimalize the time and effort. And we are a cohort of busy, lazy people! Tell me when was the last time you took staircases while travelling by a subway or while walking in a mall. You don’t recall right? I don’t responsibility you, even I don’t. But here are some beautiful staircases from all crossways the world that you certainly would not mind climbing up, even if you have to burn some calories for that.

  1. Bridge-stair, Traversinertobel, Switzerland

  1. Awaji Hyakudanen, Japan

  1. Elegant Staircase, Paris

  1. Lello Bookshop, Portugal

  1. San Francisco’s Tiled Steps, USA

  1. Tulip Staircase, Queen’s House, England

  1. Spiral staircase, Vatican museum, Italy

  1. Longchamp Store Stairs, New York

  1. Umschreibung, KPMG Building, Munich, Germany

This looks totally superb. Though these stairs won’t lead you wherever and you reach back to where you started from but they make a delightful sight for the people at the KPMG structure of Munich, Germany. The Umschreibung staircases, where Umschreibung means “rewriting” were intended by Olafur Eliasson and finished in 2004. This 9 metre steel made construction is a marvel in building and also looks blindingly gorgeous.

  1. Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain, Germany

This is completely giving me chills as it looks like a exciting roller coaster ride. The Tiger and Turtle stairway at a hilltop in Duisberg, Germany, also named the Magic Crag is 21 metres long and was intended by Heike Mumble and Ulrich Genth. This splendid piece of art is accessible for the over-all public and you can explore the unusual turns of it during both day and night. However, you won’t be able to achieve the whole stairway as it takes a total 360 degree turn and the loop having the advantage down steps is congested for the walkers. While being a joy vision in its own, the Magic Mountain also potentials some wide views of the Rhine.

Sumit Gulia

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