Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Chairs to sit on, bed to have a deep rest, food as a savior, oxygen to live on, etc. Trees have been the most appealing gift of nature to humans. But as we have a propensity to take everything for granted, this green undergrowth has been the worst victim. Trees being at the essence of obliteration, still there is a minute effort in saving them. The green cover on the earth, destroyed by the reckless murder has taken a toll on our health. If you thought trees to a mere beauty relic, think again… Trees have countless uses to its credit. Some of the advantages of establishing them are:

10.A healthier society:

9.A helping hand in bringing down rains:

8.Provides us wood and other utilities:

7.Prevents soil erosion:

6.Plant trees, save energy:

5.Maintaining the equilibrium in oxygen levels:

4.Sweeter are the fruits:

3.Medicinal use:

2.An abode for the homeless:

Be it birds or reptiles, everyone needs a home. A tree not only delivers shade for the weak and tired but also is a home for the animals which seek its sanctuary. No miracle tree has been called the home of gods as many great academics got enlighten near the tree. Saints also favor to seek asylum of the tree to have a nonviolent thought beneath it.

1.Natural fighter against global warming:

As the temperature is rising these days, we have no one to blame but us. We have browbeaten the nature to a level that it is no longer accomplished to fight the pollution and bring in usual climate. Global warming is one such result due to extreme amount of heat absorbing managers like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur particles. Who said life might be demolished very soon must be true. But if more green cover is current, we can ward off this. Trees need carbon dioxide for their development and to add upon they can cleanse the air of harmful oxides.  So before making any use of nature, be sure to plant tree and reappearance its thankfulness.

Sumit Gulia

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