Top 10 Advantages of having More Sleep

Top 10 Advantages of having More Sleep

Sleep is a organic activity as well as physical activity that is essential for our health as well as well-being as well as is pretentious by both physical as well as mental factors A quality sleep is very important for all human being. Without resting or taking right sleep affect your body as well as mind in different ways .

The requirement for sleep is obvious , as man give rest to his tired brain , restore the energy of his body as well as fits himself once more for the labors of the next day . When you sleep your body gets the time to recharge . A very famed quote says “Early to bed , early to rise  makes a man healthy as well as wise” skip a night or two of quality sleep wont likely cause any long- term harm , but if you endure from chronic sleep require , you be looking ahead to more health harms.

Sleep provides rest to our body as well as organize it for the next day tasks . Adequate sleep is needed in order to maintain the energy levels we need for performing daily activities .The quantity of sleep a person needs depends on his/her age or occupation . Infants requires a lot of sleep approximately 11 to 12 hours of sound sleep . Children from 1 to 5 years require 11-13 hours of sleep . 5-10 year old kids require 10-11 hours of sleep as well as adults need 8-9 hours of sleep .Minimum of 6 to 7 hours of sleep is important for every human being .  When people get less than 6 hours of sleep each night , their risk of developing disease begins to increase as well as they start aging early . They grow grey tresses as well as wrinkles on the face as well as eventually leads to death at an early age . In today’s modern life , maximum amount of people don’t get enough sleep which leads to different problems such as daytime sleepiness , poor decision-making , accidents , depression , etc. Lack of sleep also causes stress , early aging as well as wrinkles. So its is very significant to have a good sleep in order to stay fit as well as healthy.

Here are top 10 advantages of having good sleep .

10. Active  heart

9. Reduce stress

8. Manage weight

7. Reduce defects

6. Repairs damage

5. Better Consciousness

4. Better Personality

3. Reduce Infections

2.  Better health

1. Better and Longer Life


Sumit Gulia

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