Interstellar Space

  1.     Four or five types of molecules participate in the plasma arising in the inner stars space. CH, CH+, CN, and OH. Scientists have discovered that the first four molecules have been found in the spectral spectrum of OH. and the radio waves of OH, that due to evaporation in the hot star’s neighborhood, CH4, NH3, H2O, will be able to swell to the surface.The hydrogen molecule gradually gets removed from the atoms of this molecule. Bi-hydride is produced. So far, the presence of parietal or atomic atoms in the plasma of the inter stars space can be known.

Earth’s atmosphere

  •     Due to solar radiation due to the correct frequency of N2, co2, o2 and H2O in the Earth’s atmosphere, different levels of dormant plasma like D, E1, E2, F1, and F2 exist in the Earth’s atmosphere. These levels, their height, the density of the electron, can be identified by temperature. For example, the average D level is approximately 70 km, and the density of electrons is approximately 1010 to 3. F2, the average height of the area is 300 km and the density of the electron number is approximately 1012m. In some stratum, the ionic ions are the ivory in some strata. D levels increase neutral particles In most areas, the temperature of the electron is higher than ions.
  •      NO+ ions have been found to occur due to the rapid processing of ions and oxygen from N2+ to 100 km in the upper part.
  •      E- levels have ions found in N2+, Na+, Ni+, A1 +, etc. The meteorites found here are believed to have been produced due to the rebellion.
  •     The density of ions and electrons decreases in the absence of sunlight at night, compared to the day. Thus the number of N2+ and 02+ are maintained in good proportion. Research is being done on how much of these ions were affected at night.
  •     No3-, NO2-, Co3- and possibly 0-, 02-, 03- and Hin, in the D-layer, are ions .The three ions form “sticking with electrons.” Studies in the field above the Earth’s atmosphere include electrons, molecules, Interactions between stimulated molecules, molecules, ions and electromyagnetic waves play an important role.
  •     In addition to this, the plasma like air glow and twilight also appears in the upper atmosphere of the Earth ‘s atmosphere .Air glow is a photo – It can be seen at the time of the surgeon .Twilight glow can be seen at the time of sunrise .If it has to go to a height of 50 to 150 kilometers to see it.
  •     In the Earth ‘s magnetic field, electrons and ions entering the space are’ captured ‘and they are’ captured ‘from the North Pole A belt is formed .This belt is called the van allen radiation belt.
  •     During the magnetic storms in the upper atmosphere on the Earth ‘s south and north pole regions, Rare Bolellis and Arora Australis are beautiful scenes called. The monolithic particles from the Sun flow from the equator to the pole region of the Earth’s magnetic field, and these trends are created due to stimulation and photo – ionization.
  •    The plasma is also produced in the event of electricity occurring in the Earth ‘s atmosphere .Solor – The video also has an electron and proton flux, it forms the plasma .The magnetic field of the inquiry is “compressed” due to solar video .Solar wind, earth’ s magnetic field and van Magnetispheric forms due to reaction between the Alan radiation belt.
  •     Solar Flare is a complex truant. In this event, about 1025 pairs of energy left untouched, this phenomenon emits radioscopy, ultraviolet rays, country radiations and radio radiation. Electricity accelerates almost as fast as the speed of space.
  •     Flax released from the Sun in the form of a plasma is caught in a magnetic field in space. Solar causes arora and magnetic storms in the Earth’s atmosphere. Also, radio messages are also dakhal in practice.
  •      Studying plasma in electrical and magnetic fields acquires information about sun debris and cosmic rays.
  •     The neutron stars emit radiation in the form of pulses and they are also called pulsear, in plasma residues, even in plasma physics, is important. Plasma in the atmosphere of other planets.
  • (i) Venus and Mars have been found to be CO2 + in the atmosphere.
  • (ii) HCO2 +, in the atmosphere of the stove, is produced at many large rates, it has been speculated.
  • (iii) There are good H3 + ions in other distant planets.
  • (iv) The following processes have been proposed in Guru’s atmosphere.
  •     He + + H2> HeH + + H = He + H2 + 


 Nucleic Processes in the Plasma in the atmosphere

  •       there is some distinction between the plasma of the stars and the plasma obtained in the laboratory.
  • (i) The acceleration of ions in the stellar plasma – can be assumed in the case of the maxwellian, this is not possible in case of a laboratory plasma.
  • (ii) The laboratory is more thick in the plasma than the plasma.
  • (iii) Some studies of stellar plasma, compared to the same laboratory plasma studies, 2. Is there. D. I . Acceleration delivery On the other hand, some studies of stellar plasma have more rail than similar laboratory plasma studies. For example, different processes, collision probabilities, etc. As a result of high temperature or heavy pressure nucleation processes in the stars – rays and neutrinoes are available.
Interstellar Space


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