Pro Kabaddi  League 2017 Season 5 All Schedule

Pro Kabaddi  League 2017 Season 5 All Schedule

After four good and  blockbuster seasons, the 5th season of the Pro Kabaddi  will comes  on Friday with an encounter between Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans in Hyderabad.

Patna Pirates players celebrate after winning the Pro Kabaddi Season 4th title. Image courtesy: PKL This time around the league, that’s  for 13 weeks, has 12 teams with new team Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha and Tamil Thalaivas joining the existing eight teams.

This time around, a zone system has been introduced with each team playing 15 intra-zone and 7 inter-zone matches, prior to the play-offs.

The play-offs will comprise three qualifiers and two eliminators. The final will be held in Chennai.

 Zone B will have teams like Bengaluru Bulls,  Telugu Titans,  Patna Pirates, Bengal Warriors,  Tamil Thalaivas  and  UP Yoddha,

Zone A consists of teams like  Jaipur Pink Panthers, Dabang Delhi,  Puneri Paltan,  Haryana Steelers U Mumba,  and Gujarat Fortunegiants while



Here’s the full schedule of the tournament:

Venue Team A Team B Team A Team B
Hyderabad Telugu Titans Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba Puneri Paltan
29-Jul Dabang Delhi Telugu Titans Patna Pirates
30-Jul Haryana Steelers Telugu Titans Bengaluru Bulls
01-Aug Dabang Delhi Telugu Titans UP Yoddha
02-Aug Haryana Steelers Telugu Titans Bengal Warriors
03-Aug Patna Pirates
Nagpur Bengaluru Bulls Tamil Thalaivas Puneri Paltan Dabang Delhi
05-Aug Dabang Delhi Bengaluru Bulls UP Yoddha
06-Aug UP Yoddha Bengaluru Bulls Patna Pirates
08-Aug Haryana Steelers Bengaluru Bulls Telugu Titans
09-Aug Bengal Warriors
10-Aug Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengaluru Bulls Tamil Thalaivas
Ahmedabad Gujarat Fortunegiants U Mumba
12-Aug UP Yoddha Gujarat Fortunegiants Dabang Delhi
13-Aug UP Yoddha Gujarat Fortunegiants Jaipur Pink Panthers
15-Aug Puneri Paltan Gujarat Fortunegiants Bengaluru Bulls
16-Aug Tamil Thalaivas Gujarat Fortunegiants Telugu Titans
17-Aug Tamil Thalaivas Gujarat Fortunegiants Bengal Warriors
Lucknow UP Yoddha U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls Jaipur Pink Panthers
19-Aug U Mumba UP Yoddha Haryana Steelers
20-Aug Puneri Paltan UP Yoddha Jaipur Pink Panthers
22-Aug Puneri Paltan UP Yoddha Bengal Warriors
23-Aug Dabang Delhi UP Yoddha Tamil Thalaivas
24-Aug Telugu Titans
Mumbai U Mumba Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengal Warriors Patna Pirates
26-Aug Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba Puneri Paltan
27-Aug Bengaluru Bulls U Mumba Dabang Delhi
29-Aug UP Yoddha U Mumba Gujarat Fortunegiants
30-Aug Haryana Steelers
31-Aug Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba Jaipur Pink Panthers
Kolkata Bengal Warriors Patna Pirates
02-Sep Haryana Steelers Bengal Warriors UP Yoddha
03-Sep Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengal Warriors Tamil Thalaivas
05-Sep Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengal Warriors Haryana Steelers
06-Sep Bengaluru Bulls Bengal Warriors U Mumba
07-Sep Puneri Paltan Bengal Warriors Dabang Delhi
Haryana Haryana Steelers Patna Pirates Gujarat Fortunegiants UP Yoddha
09-Sep U Mumba Haryana Steelers Bengaluru Bulls
10-Sep Puneri Paltan Haryana Steelers Telugu Titans
12-Sep Telugu Titans Haryana Steelers Dabang Delhi
13-Sep UP Yoddha Haryana Steelers Puneri Paltan
14-Sep Jaipur Pink Panthers
Ranchi Patna Pirates Telugu Titans U Mumba Gujarat Fortunegiants
16-Sep Telugu Titans Patna Pirates UP Yoddha
17-Sep Dabang Delhi Patna Pirates Bengal Warriors
19-Sep Haryana Steelers Patna Pirates Bengaluru Bulls
20-Sep Tamil Thalaivas
21-Sep Haryana Steelers Patna Pirates UP Yoddha
 Delhi Dabang Delhi U Mumba
23-Sep Bengal Warriors Dabang Delhi Puneri Paltan
24-Sep Tamil Thalaivas Dabang Delhi Haryana Steelers
26-Sep Tamil Thalaivas Dabang Delhi Patna Pirates
27-Sep Jaipur Pink Panthers Dabang Delhi UP Yoddha
28-Sep U Mumba Dabang Delhi Telugu Titans
Chennai Tamil Thalaivas Puneri Paltan Gujarat Fortunegiants Patna Pirates
30-Sep UP Yoddha Tamil Thalaivas Jaipur Pink Panthers
01-Oct Bengal Warriors Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba
03-Oct Gujarat Fortunegiants Tamil Thalaivas Telugu Titans
04-Oct Haryana Steelers Tamil Thalaivas UP Yoddha
05-Oct Bengaluru Bulls
Jaipur Jaipur Pink Panthers Gujarat Fortunegiants Wild card match
07-Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba
08-Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers Puneri Paltan
10-Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers Dabang Delhi
11-Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers Haryana Steelers
Pune Puneri Paltan Gujarat Fortunegiants Bengal Warriors Tamil Thalaivas
14-Oct Patna Pirates Puneri Paltan U Mumba
15-Oct UP Yoddha Puneri Paltan Dabang Delhi
17-Oct Haryana Steelers
18-Oct Bengaluru Bulls Puneri Paltan Jaipur Pink Panthers
19-Oct Diwali
20-Oct Bengal Warriors Puneri Paltan Gujarat Fortunegiants
Mumbai Zone A (2nd) Zone B (3rd) Zone A (3rd) Zone B (2nd)
23-Oct Zone B (1st) Winner of Eliminator 1 Winner of Eliminator 2
Chennai Runner UP Yoddha of Qualifier 1 Winner of Eliminator 3
Chennai Winner of Qualifier 1 Winner of Qualifier 2
Sumit Gulia

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