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Javascript Basic Detail – 2019

  •      By default HTML is used to control appearance. The webpage created in HTML is Static, and after the browser renders it can not be changed. On the other hand, with the development of the Internet, people are expected to get better acquisition and visualization. But HTML can only provide unchanging webpage. Thus, the need for more dialogue in the new programming language of the Web arises. So Netscape developed Javascript JavaScript is a skating language that lets you add programming aspect to a webpage.
  •      Fitting language is a simple and light programming language, which does not include the latest tasks like ‘C’ or ‘Java’ language. Javascript is used on the webpage to improve website graphs and verify the validity of the form. It adds dialog to HTML page. And it is added directly to the HTML code. Currently, all web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Com, Safari and Internet application support JavaScript. The webpage does not remain unchanged after using JavaScript, but can include code for dynamic communication, browser control, and dynamic presentation of HTML details.
  •      We saw how to create a form using a composer. When the user adds details to the form, it will also leave some important fields blank or add details to the field in the wrong form. In such cases it is necessary to provide some precision. Reality prevents users from making mistakes. When a user adds a bad detail or leaves the field blank, an error message should be displayed and the form must be stopped after submission.
  •      Currently, Javascript is the most common appropriately client-side script, which is run in the web browser. Javascript is used to verify its accuracy on the client side before the details added in the HTML form are sent to all. Using Javascript is usually checked in the form below?
  •    Has the user left the required field blank?
  • Has the user entered the correct e – mail address?
  •    Do the details of two fields are identical or not?
  •    Has the user entered the correct date?
  •    Has the user added text to the numeric field? For example, text has been added to the older (Leu) field, for example, instead of numeric details in the field for the quantity, the user enters literally details
  •     How to test the validity of the form, learn how to write a JavaScript code before studying.
  •     JavaScript code is implemented only in HTML webpage. Thus, JavaScript code can be directly embedded in the webpage as an independent section. The javascript code is added using the <script> </ script> tag in the HTML page. The lines between the <script> and </ script> tags contain the JavaScript code. Remember, the JavaScript case – the sensitivity ‘Is the language.
  •      Javascript is included in HTML’s or section, but it is more desirable to add code to the tag.
  •      It can be seen that, only one statement in the <script> tag is written “document.write (‘” HELLO STUDENTS “)”. Here is a process that is a part of the document royalty, which is text-oriented, it is given as a document write variable. Semicolon given in the end of the statement in the figure is optional in JavaScript; semicolon marks are used for separation rather than termination. So if every statement is written in the V-line, then there is no need to put a semicolon. Document in our example The semicolon after the write statement will be deleted even then the result will be equal. However, the use of semicolon is a good programming practice. Figure 2. The result of code in 14 is displayed in the browser.


  •     Increasing use of the internet has made many activities online. We use a webpage to present information about ourselves or something. The website visitor seeks the HTML form to enter its details. The form provides more interactivity and control about entering visitor details. For example, if you want to open or register a mail account on a website, you need to fill in your personal details in the form. This information is used to set up a user’s mail – account.
  •     Then these applications are stored by the application and it is used to get details about the users registered on the website. The form is a container, which is used to get different types of information from the user. In the HTML form, the label, checkbox, text input field, radio button, submit button, reset button, and many such components are added. . These components are also used to enter the details in the form and verify the accuracy of the details. Using HTML tags, we will create a simple form, but before that discuss the components that are useful for formulating the IITML form. These components are described in the following section:
  • Form
    Text Area
    Select And Option

Form Eliment

  •     The form element is used to create HTML forms. It works as a collector of all the components included in the form. <Form> to implement this component. . . </ form> tag is used. Below is an example of the form element shown.

Space Plama Full Detail – Pysics


 Interstellar Space

  1.     Four or five types of molecules participate in the plasma arising in the inner stars space. CH, CH+, CN, and OH. Scientists have discovered that the first four molecules have been found in the spectral spectrum of OH. and the radio waves of OH, that due to evaporation in the hot star’s neighborhood, CH4, NH3, H2O, will be able to swell to the surface.The hydrogen molecule gradually gets removed from the atoms of this molecule. Bi-hydride is produced. So far, the presence of parietal or atomic atoms in the plasma of the inter stars space can be known.

Plasma Basic Full Detail – Pysics


  Plasma Diagnostics

  •    Plasma diagnostics is the term for measuring the different prototypes of plasma with different devices and different methods. Below are a few details about this.
  • (1) To know the type of particle contained in the plasma, devices such as illuminated spatroscope, mass spectroscope, irrilators, earthquakes and photo plates are used.
  • (2) It is enough to measure pressure to measure the number of neutral particles in the plasma. (p = nkT). For this, common pressure meter, ionization gauges and fertilizer gauges are used. High pressure is used in physio gauges.
  • (3) The number of electrodes is used for measuring density, such as Langpur probe, stable electrical probe, microwave interferometer, microwave cavity and stark effect.
  •     Doppler effect, mass spectroscopy, calorimetry, cintilater photo plates and x rays are used to measure the speed (velocity) of a particular direction of the particles.
  • (4) Langmuers, probes and electrons are used to measure speed in the chaotic speed of the particles.
  • (5) Magmatic probes and haul-effect are used for measurement of magnetic field similar to that used in Langmoor prob and electron probe for measuring electrons within the plasma area.
  • (6) Commuter simulation experiment is also being done with the development of the computer. The sample pattern (eg 10, 000) of the samples in such experiments is taken into consideration. These particles are initially taken randomly to a specific location and momentum at random times of t = 0. Speed ​​expressions written for each particle are written using known interactions between particle particles. This option determines the location and velocity of the particles at the end of the subtle time period (eg 1 second of ninety seconds) by writing equations in the form of difference equations. Thus the calculation progresses and thus the location of the molecule found and the set of accelerating sequences follow certain conditions, such calculations are continued and ultimately the results of plasma can be calculated from the results or conditions.



          🌟 Electron Spin 🌟

  • ✈    The only solution that should be doubled by one of the energy was not only the ability of the atomic metals molecules to be made. E.E. Q. In 1896, Ziman’s detailed study of the spectral lines of spectroscopy under the influence of magnetic field also showed the need for diverting the energy levels. In fact, according to the zodiac quantum number / there was a need for double levels of space quatumation (/ + 1) levels. In other words, determining the energies of 1, 7 and I, in addition to the need for a more quantum number, which falls only two values. Mathematics-based thinking comprehension was completely used and there was no possibility of getting a Quantum number more than 1, 2 and m. This way the puzzle became more serious. Where to pick a new extra quantum number? Furthermore, the levels are degenerate, regardless of the level.
  • ✈   One thing is clear that so far we have entered II, I, m, quantum numbers based on angular acceleration. In such a situation, if an electron is still said to be an extra angular angle, then an additional quantum number can be entered in reference to it.
  • ✈    Perhaps the idea is to burn Q. In 1926, Goudsmitt and Yuhlenbeck introduced an important daily. According to this diary, electrons have another internal properties besides electrons and mass. According to this property, electrons are an additional internal angular momentum independently of any orbital acceleration. In the mind of GoudSmitt and Yuhlenbach, at that time, the electron was an electromagnetic sphere rotating around its own axis. The rotation of the electron was called spin and the angular angle associated with it was called a spin angle.
  • ✈    Quantum number D is used to display spin angular airspace. Also, experimental studies on the spectroscopic spectroscopy could have been achieved by s = 1/2.
  • ✈    It is easy to understand that the earth rotates around its axis and it spins the angular angle, because in the case of Earth, the spin angular can be found due to its distributed (distributed) forces at different distances from the Earth’s axis. On the other hand, electron was considered to be point particid. How can it get spin angular in such a condition? It was not easy to visualize electron motions distributed spherically. Pauli also raised objections against such anecdotes and said that this is a shocking marriage of a classic idea with a quantum object. However E. Q. In 1928, with the help of the Dárak sapidctomant quantum mechanism, the particle with electrons and the electrically charged particles, the gaugesmate and the Yuhelenbeek, should have the same inner angular expansion as the internal angular momentum.


  • ✈    Spin’s ideology has proved to be very useful in understanding many microscopic (atomic) phenomena in addition to the subtle structure and abnormal effects of spectral lines.
  • ✈    Quantum mechanism is given by the following formula: Spin angular momentum in spin quantum number s position.


🌟 Poulie’s Uncertanity Principal 🌟


  • ✈   Our general and self-evident concept is that two things can not stay at one place at the same time, but for Quantum these can be true and may not be true.
  • ✈   Think Quantum Photo of Light Photons have been photons in a quantum mode for photons. Can likely be thought of. Those quantots who have this type of property are called boson by the name of Indian scientist Satyendra Nath Bose. Bozone has always been a complete spinning quantum number. Photon has its own spin 1.
  • ✈    Now there is also a second class of Quantum, which is called Furnion (from the name of the scientific Enrico Fermi). Fermions have a spin of an integer i.e. 1 / 2,3 / 2. Imagine that two or more ferns can not live in the same place at the same time. Q. In 1925, Pauli entered Quantum Mechanics. In other words, no two firms can have the same quantum numbers in one quantum system. The electron spin is 1/2 and so it is a fermion. Therefore, any electron in any atom can not be equal to 1, I, and, all the quantum numbers, at least one quantum number is different.
  • ✈    | No information about Pauli’s abortion theory from the Quantum Mechanics of Shrodinar can not be found basically and Pauli’s theory has to be taken as an additional aperture. Nevertheless, Pauli’s theory of quantum particle particles for quantum particles in the former quantum of particles is known to be the result of the hypotheses and assumptions of relativeism.
  • ✈    If Paul’s exclusion principle does not exist, then open Nucleus has one electron that can be used to produce 1 = 1, I = 0, m1 = 0 and ms = ± 1/2 quantum numbers, and all the electrons for various illuminated nuclei Quality in this quantum state As a result of this, the chemical structures of all the elements do not appear to be very different from each other. However, increasing the number of electrons increases the chemical activation of the element. In practice, it can be seen that systematic changes can be seen in their properties going on one element after the elements in the table of elements, showing that the principle of Pauli is understandable in understanding the structure of electrons in molecule and consequently understanding the structure of such table of elements.
  • ✈    Pauline’s theory is true for any Quantum system, besides molecules, atoms, solids etc.
  • ✈    Pauli was drawn to his own evolutionary theory from a study of molecules’ spectrum.
  • ✈    As a result of the electron being pumped in different quantum states in atoms, the atom itself may be said to be in some quantum condition. Now, in the quantum mode of Toto molecule it can be seen when one or more of the electrons‘ arrangement goes into any quantum level above the empty electron. The spectrum may be triggered when the electron transition occurs in pH. So, what would be the situation in his status from Parma’s spectrum and the idea of ​​what would be the situation in an aggravated situation. If we study helium atoms, we can get information on which quantum numbers of two electrons it contains. In very electron molecules, its characterization can be found only because of the valence electrons, because only its all electrons from the spectrum can not be given the quantum numbers immediately. Thus Pauli focused on the helium spectrum, quite accurately. From this spectrum he came to the conclusion that there is no line in the helium spectrum that can be explained by the equation ms quantum number of both electrons in its capacity. It means that the presence of both electrons in helium’s condition is equal to n, l and m ms but they are different.

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