Marketing And Selling

  •     Many organizations in the whole of the Gavani Kabadhal are responsible for the management of their production and service business through the website. For better marketing, they provide their product catalog online. CA. Ta Ta in different series of catalog. Sometimes the video shows a brief description of the product and features. The customer can see the list and add the product of their choice to a shopping car. Online shopping cart is similar to the basic shopping cart offered in the shop. In the local shop, the consumer product is selected in the shopping cart. After completing this process, all the products purchased by the customer are billed from the shopping cart. Similarly, customers can add product to online shoppingcart, view selected product, make necessary changes in it, and add product orders at the end of the checkout. The user must provide the shipping details to get the item. Purchase bills can also be paid by the Internet.
  •     Today, internet, groceries, toys, computer equipment, mobile and many other products can be purchased on the Internet. Some websites provide tourism with air tickets. Hawaii or railway tickets can now be easily purchased online. For example, the website of the Indian Railways, www. irctc co. In the information provided by various trains and tickets online can also be registered and paid. After the ticket has been registered, its e-copy is sent to the subscriber’s e-mail as well as to his mobile via SMS.
marketing and selling
marketing and selling

  •  Example ::
  • www.Flipkart.Com

 Online Biling

  •      Organizations have their own bill in online billing. Using the Cititcard or NetBanking Dilemma bill sent by e-mail. After receiving the bill, the consumer organization’s website can send online bills to the customer through their call. Organizations that send a large number of online bills to their customers and their fans are not even paid online using the Internet, they can use this feature. For example, BSNL can do so.

Information Services

  •      Many organizations use the Internet to provide advanced information to their employees or members. This includes academic institutions and universities, which provide the results of the pakistani results, entry forms, examinations program, meeting arrangements and important instructions through the internet. Students can know their results from any place. Other examples of information and reminders information services sent to customers by organizations or banks are. Many organizations provide various forms on the website, which can be easily used by the customer to download and download. Organizations can also get their customers’ information or details by submitting an online form.

Net Banking

  •      Net banking or electronic backing is also becoming popular in the modern era. Sometimes it may happen that for some reason the customer wants to pay an immediate payment without going to the bank or to know the balance of his account. Online banking can be helpful for this solution. The process of implementing bank transactions through the Internet is called online bucking. Today most of the reputed banks have started providing online banking facility to their customers. The following services are provided to customers using online banking:
  •     At any time, the balance of the account is known from one account to another in the amount of transaction
  •   Any income or outward statement
  •    Information about the mode of financial transaction
  •     Payment of telephone electricity and other bill without going to the bank
  •     A password is provided for online services through which using the computer or mobile, it can log all the activities of the bank by logging on to the bank’s site. That’s it. Figure 4. 5 The Bank of India website has shown the homepage. Www for this onlinesbi com is used in the URL.
  • Example ::: 


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