How can I make my teeth white and healthy

How can I make my teeth white and healthy

‘Healthy tooth’ is essential for complete health. Teeth not only affect our health, but also affect our appearance, so do not ignore teeth problems. The meaning and method of cleanliness of teeth is different for everyone. Most of us learn the art of brushing in childhood and it is astonishing that most people do not brush properly. Doctors are of the view that after brushing daily, make sure to clean the tongue.


cleaning of teeth

There is no standard time to brush. But it is advisable to brush for at least two minutes so that the plaque bacteria can be removed from the surface inside the mouth. This will also protect you from dental damage.


How do you keep your toothbrush

If brushing up for 6 months has not worn your brush, do not delay buying a new brush. Toothbrushes come in different sizes, lengths and quality. But Dentists believe that there should be 25.5 to 31.9 mm length of the toothbrush should be 9.5 millimeters.


When to meet a dentist

If your teeth are dark-brown spots at, felt trapped in food teeth, is cold-warm feeling or pus coming from the gums, so do not delay in getting the Dentist.


Cavity is a big problem in teeth. Cavity means that there is a hole in the teeth which is called decay or cavity in the language of science.

Due to the acids present in the mouth, the teeth of the teeth begin to empty. That is, the acid starts affecting the teeth of the teeth, due to which dental care or cavities are formed.

Bacteria present in the mouth begin to accumulate on the surface of the teeth, which are called plaques. The bacteria present in plaque converts the sugar and carbohydrate present in your food into acids, due to this acid the teeth begin to hollow, therefore the cavity is formed.

Due to the fact that due to bacteria, due to which the inflammation of the teeth in the tooth or in the gums, or the opening of the teeth, it comes into contact with the acid, it is due to pain.


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