History Of C Language



    All modern languages ​​of the commuter are originally ALGOL. It started in the 1960s. This language became more popular in Europe than in the US. The ALGOL language gave the concept of the first structural program in the field of commuter. ‘

   To prepare software for any computer system. Q. BCPCC L language came in 1967. Basic Combined Programming Language is a brief BCPL.

    E. Q. In 1970 there was also a language known as B.

    Now the origin of the c language is the Danish Ritchie of the Bell Laboratory. Q. In 1972. This language was developed using ALGOL, BCPL and B. C language development has been done with UNIX operating composition (which is a program). The UNIX workmanship is widely used and used worldwide today. ‘

    Initially, the C language was used in the field of education for a few years. But, as the usage of commercial and commercially accessible compilers has increased the usefulness of C language. In this, the popularity of UNIX creation also played a part. Currently C can be used with many types of language compositions.

    In the 1970s, this language was traditionally run, but in 1978, B. Kerninghani and D. The book “The Programming Language”, published by Ritchie, became popular in 1978, and people began to identify it as K and R, C.

    Other languages ​​like the same as the development of C language existed. There is a need for different types of system.

    American National Standard Institute to define the standard of language C) by ANSI e. Q. In 1983, a committee was constituted. The ANSIC says today that the committee went into the standard of C language in 1989. This standardization has been further enhanced in 1999.


    Although the present day high-level computer programming languages ​​like Pascal and JAVA are available, Language C has its own importance.

    In addition to being “strong” to the language, the complex program can also be easily prepared with the convenience of built-in functions and operators. Furthermore, the compiler of C language can be used with both low level and high level languages. Thus, C language can be used to create software software as well as to create business packages and other software.

  (1) : The program written in C is very efficient and fast. The reason for this is that many types of data can be used and there are many capable operators, if the speed is discussed, the C program takes about 1 second to go with the increment of 0 to 15000, while the BASIC language program takes approximately 50 seconds .

  (2) : This language is very flexible. This fact is very useful to system developer and programmer. They can work with many complex puzzles. C is used as the operating system, word processors, graphics, spreadsheets and other languages ​​compiler.

  (3) : C is very popular in ‘programmers’ ‘caste’. So many types of C compilers | And the necessary loose items are easily found.

  (4) : There are 32 key words in this language. Key word means pre-determined words. Those who can be written in the program and each have their own special meaning and use. D. I The word int stands for the absolute number and is used for int numbered data. int = Integer

  (5) : Another important advantage of C is that programmers can add their own functions in the built-in functions library. Such functions can be easily used in other programs where there is a need.

  (6) : Thus, being allowed to use their functions in the C program, it is easy and easy to understand. By breaking the program into different functions it becomes easy to maintain and test and debugging. To debug = Detecting error. This program is called structured program because it can be made up of blocks or modules of different functions.


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